Various Components of Door Shutters

The doors are an essential part of the house. The purpose of the doors is providing an entry or exit to the inside or outside of a house or rooms of a house. They are the framework of wood, steel, aluminium, glass or a combination of these materials secured in an opening left in a wall for the purpose of providing access to the users of the structure.

The doors consist of main two components: Door Frames and Door Shutters. Among them, the door shutters are a movable barrier consisting of a panelled assembly or otherwise which fits into the frame. It is the openable part of the door. They are an assembly of styles, panel and rail. It is used to open or close the way to go inside or outside of a house or rooms. Door shutters provide light, air and ventilation to the rooms or house. Different materials are used to make door shutters i.e., wood, metal, aluminum, etc. The shutters for doors are available in a variety of style like solid shutter, louver shutter, etc.

The various components are used in connection with door shutters like stile, top rail, bottom rail, etc.

The Main Components of Door Shutters are:

01. Stiles or Styles:

It is the vertical outside member of the shutter.

02. Hinged Stiles:

The stiles of a door, which are hung on one side, are called hinged stiles.

03. Top Rail:

This is the top most horizontal member of shutter.

04. Lock Rail:

This is the middle horizontal member of shutters, to which locking arrangement is fixed.

05. Bottom Rail:

This is the lowermost horizontal member of a door shutter.

06. Intermediate Rail:

These are the additional horizontal rails, fixed between the top and bottom rails of door shutters.

07. Panel:

Door panel is the most important component of door shutters. The area of shutter enclosed between the adjacent rails is called Door Panel.
Nowadays wooden shutters are mostly used in the house. Door shutters provide privacy and safety to our house. Hence it protects your health and ultimately leads to happiness.

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