How To Do Waste Management at Home?

Management of household waste is probably the last thing you worry about. But there are Lots of Waste products we deal with in our day to day life.  Typically, we don’t pay attention to the waste and simply throwing it out seems to be an easy only option. Throwing away the waste is easy but it is a lost opportunity to make our effort in saving our planet and creating something of value out of it. Why not consider paying some sincere consideration to the household waste. We can make some simple investments in waste products and turn them into reusable products. This will help us to keep our nature GREEN, CLEAN and HEALTHY.

Household Waste

Typically our kitchen waste includes the leftover of green vegetables and fruits. Along with this we have some other types of waste which may include plastic bottles, Polythene bags and in some cases thermocol materials. The good news is, instead of throwing them out, we should start investing in them by recycling them. Recycling and reusing can turn the things into something useful and pretty just like magic. Maybe you are going through a remodelling phase at home our simply improving and restructuring some areas. If this is the case, you might want to get the most of every element even after not needing them anymore. Hiring a professional Dumpster Company is one of the best local options when it comes to transporting debris.
Here we are making this simpler by giving you the needed information on waste management at home. We will help you to make your home clean and healthy.

How to do Waste Management at Home?

01. Plastic Waste Management at Home

Plastic Waste Management at Home

Around 275 million tons of plastic waste is generated each year around the world. We also have our fair share in the abuse of our planet. Well taking small steps can actually make a big difference. Plastic waste like water bottles, plastic cups or any other plastic materials can be turned into some really unique decorative pieces. Flower pots, pen stands are some of the things which can be created using these things.

Use of Plastic Waste to Make Pots - 04 - 0516020003

Another wonder idea is collecting used pens from the study room; we can make a unique stand, which could be used to place stationery items. You can definitely involve your kids in the fun and creative activity and believe us they will have a blast do this and creating something beautiful. There are lot avenues where these recycled crafts can be sold as well, so this can turn out to be an enjoyable business idea.

Use of Plastic Waste to Make Pen Holders

02. How to Manage Kitchen Waste at Your Home?

How to Manage Kitchen Waste at Your Home

Tons and tons of Kitchens waste is produced in the populated places all over the world. Even in our house that is what we dispose of mostly. While cooking is often fun for us we do not think much about the waste like remaining parts of vegetables like green leaves, peels of potato, apple, banana, etc. which is produced as waste. This type of waste is called as “GREEN WASTE”. And what can be created by using this green waste is something very valuable and doing this is quite simple. Green waste is decomposable, and now the best way to reuse green waste and invest it is, to make “VERMICOMPOST FERTILISER”, from it. Vemicompost fertiliser is a very useful organic fertiliser. By using vermicompost fertiliser we can make a huge difference in our gardens in almost no time.

Composting Kitchen Waste

Follow the below steps to make vermicompost fertiliser from your kitchen waste.

Method to Make Vermicompost Fertiliser from Kitchen Waste:

01. First of all, collect all the GREEN WASTE of your house and put it in a closed container.
02. Now, add some of water in that mixture to make it fluid.
03. After a day, add as many earthworms as possible to it and set them free to move in that mixture.
04. The earthworms feed on the green waste and will leave residue of their undigested food in that same container.
05. Add some soil in the same container and keep it closed for next 4 to 5 days.
06. Mix it properly and our fertiliser will be ready.This is a pure organic fertiliser which is like gold for the growth of crop; the harvest can be increased in less time. Good news is, there is a lot of demand for this fertiliser in agricultural market and there is a great possibility to earn good income by selling this. Also you can make your own organic kitchen garden by using this fertiliser.
If you are interested in making your organic kitchen garden, read this article.

03. How to Reuse Thermocol Waste?

How to Reuse Thermocol Waste

In the time of online shopping one thing which is available in abundance is packing material and Thermocol sheets are used in the box of appliances, as a cushion material for both offline and online purchases. This helps in protecting the appliance from any impact during transportation and handling. Thermocol is polystyrene balls pressed together to form a slab. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and hence used in home. The thermocol sheets also play similar role in polluting the nature as the plastic does. So why not put them to use to create something beautiful and useful. Thermocol is completely recyclable and it holds a high value with the recyclers.

Use of Thermocol Waste to Make Craft

So let your creative juices flow and create your own masterpieces like picture frames, flower vase etc. You and the kids will have a real pleasant experience making these unique and interesting things.
Some more ways to start recycling are:

04. Use of Paper Waste to Make Something Creative

Use of Paper Waste

Everyday newspaper is a common thing in our house but as the days pass it is of no value to us. Newspapers are completely recyclable, so you can make some quick bucks by selling the load of. Newspapers can also be recycled at home where it can be used for packing, or making some amazing things like coasters, picture frames etc. It is a cheap and best resource for making Paper Mache. Have fun exploring this new craft. Also the left over books and notebooks after the school session ends can be donated to the needy or some schools also take the old books as donation in school library. For the more grownup books there is a huge market online for the recycled books. Why not make some money as well as space for some new books in your collection.

05. Cloths Waste

Cloths Waste

Throwing away cloths sometimes really pinch you hard because you have not even wore that pretty dress once and now it won’t fit anymore. All the money you spent on this purchase seems to be a total waste. Especially during weddings we buy elaborate dresses and don’t want to repeat them again to another event. There are many websites where you can rent out or sell those nice dresses. How about making some easy money and buying more lovely dresses for yourself. Even the old cloths can be recycled by donating to the needy ones. Old jeans can make wonderful bags, door mats, even dresses or some pretty jacket etc. The old discarded t-shirts can be used as a dusting rag to keep your house sparkling clean.

06. Some Do’s to Curb Down the Waste

Say no to Polythene Bags Yes to Cloth bags

01. Polythene bags can be recycled by making a carry bag or a handbag. Better use cloth bags.
02. We can recycle small things like ice cream sticks also and make a decorative stand from it.
03. There are millions of needy people on the planet, so donate whatever is not required.

Donate Things Which are Not Useful to You

04. There are many tutorials available to guide you to make your own household cleaners and detergents which are chemical free and soft on cloths and hands.
05. If possible carry your own boxes for the food deliveries or prefer to buy food that has less packaging.
06. Each city develops its own rules to effectively manage the waste and it is for the wellbeing for us to follow the recycling policies.
07. Governments across the world are creating awareness to have people segregate the waste at home so that it can be disposed of in the most adequate way possible.

Segregate the Waste at Home

08. It won’t take much space in your pocket to carry a small chocolate wrapper or paper straw in your bag, but will definitely reduce waste.
09. Always carry a reusable bottle of water so that the consumption of plastic pet water bottles can be reduced.
10. Construction waste should be disposed of in a proper place as per govt. regulations.
11. At the end of the day each one of us can contribute in a big way in preservation and sustainability of mother earth.

07. What is to be Avoided to Manage the Waste Properly?

01. Say no to plastic! – Well the option is cost effective beautiful cloth bags instead of plastic.

Say no to plastic

02. Reducing paper waste – Corporate are strategically shifting to the paperless work, we can also start using E-Newspapers and E-bills wherever possible.
03. Disposing of trash especially hazardous waste like chemical or e-waste properly is very important or this may be a big environment threat.
04. Single use plastic should be avoided -Reduce the usage of paper or plastic cutlery and plates etc.
05. Don’t throw the waste out of a moving car- always carry a garbage bag or small bin in the car.
06. If there is medical waste you are dealing with a proper disposal is very critical to avoid spreading any contamination.
07. Make children aware of using the notebooks and sheets completely and avoid any wastage.

Make Your Children Aware

“REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE” is not just a slogan it is a way of life. Let’s make small changes to cause a big difference. Opt for these home waste management tips and keep your home clean, sustainable and healthy.After all, sustainability is what we needed for keeping our planet clean. So, before you leave, look at some more blogs on sustainable living.

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