Water Fountains for Your Home Office

An indoor water fountain is one of the most beautiful additions that you can make to your home office to complement the decor…When it comes to work from home an interior décor fad fast gaining mileage is installation of water features, which are quite in sync with Feng Shui also.

With the new normal, a large number of professionals including entrepreneurs have opted for work from home. In such a scenario, every interior décor ploy is being brought into the fore, which can boost the productivity and alleviate the stress levels of the home worker.

An important advantage of having indoor water fountain is that you will be breathing a higher quality of air. It is because it has a natural humidifying effect that indoor fountain provides combined with natural quality of splashing water to produce negative ions which not only removes pollutants but also allergens from the air.

While a lot has been written about knick-knacks, bonsai and stationery in this context; there’s hardly anything mentioned about the fountains or rather water features, which are conducive to home offices.

There is a plethora of ready-made fountain options available at the click of a button; but prior to this, what is of more importance is doing some groundwork in terms of – understanding the various nuances and the dos and don’ts with regards to home office water fountains.

Gharpedia brings you a quick brief on the above –

Things to Keep In Mind While Zeroing-In On Your Water Fountain

Primarily before embarking on your water fountain purchase odyssey you need to understand which of the three styles of water features best suits your Work from Home space. In fact, if you are blessed with a larger space you could even indulge in more than one indoor water feature!

The three basic styles of water fountains comprise –

01. Wall-Mounted Indoor Fountains

These are THE perfect solution for slightly cramped spaces as they free up your floor space and score high on the visibility quotient… for the simple reason that they literally hit the viewer the moment he steps in to your home office! You can add to the visual extravaganza by offering a panoramic display i.e. add aesthetic and thought-provoking elements (framed quotes; and pics of staff outings, award winning ceremonies et al; citations… the options to experiment are endless!) around the wall fountain and turn the entire wall into a motivational section.

02. Floor Indoor Fountains

Floor Indoor Fountains

These are for those blessed with lavish spaces for their home office which do not have any demarcations. These fountains can double up as space dividers for various sections of your home office – say the segment where your gadgets (scanning and photocopier machine, printer etc.) are placed and the area where you sit with your clients. These types of fountains call for niche wiring or plumbing in order to up their functionality.

03. Table-Top Indoor Fountains

Table-Top Indoor Fountains

These are undoubtedly the best choice for temporary work from home arrangements; or alternatively if you are working out from a rented space as their mobility is their strongest plus… They can go with you wherever your home office shifts. Their proximity to your desk is an additional benefit as you can keep a ‘closer watch’ on them to get your creative juices flowing!

Tips to Add Value to Your Home Office Water Feature

Well you’ve managed to successfully identify which water fountain best suits your home office; you’ve gone ahead and had it professionally and securely installed; and now comes the part where you need to embellish it.

Gharpedia shares some useful cues in this regards –

01. Green up the Surroundings of the Water Feature

Green Surroundings at the Water Feature

Consider placing flowers, plants, greenery, bonsai et al near your water feature. The pluses are manifold – they enhance the aesthetic allure of the water fountain; they are awesome conversation starters for your office guests; they portray you as a green champ; and from the practical perspective they play a pivotal role in purifying the air in the office. More often than not these green elements tend to blossom and flourish due to their proximity to the fountain thanks to the spray of water which they regularly receive.You can go a step ahead and add value to the display of your green fingered initiatives by –

  • Ensuring that there’s a hard surface adjacent to the water fountain.
  • Engaging stands to place the potted plants at varying heights to up the aesthetic element.
  • Not just opting for drab plants like money plants … but rather multi-hued plants and flowers.
  • Exploring placement of herbs like basil and mint … because not only do they create a positive environ but they also lend an exclusive fragrance to the space. Having tea? Just snip a leaf off and add it to your tea to up your immunity quotient!

02. Water Feature -Light it up!

Light in Water Feature

Properly placing lighting equipments can help enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fountain. You can do this in multiple ways – you can rope in natural light as plants are around; or you can facilitate soft lighting through wall-mounted lights and lamps that add an element of serenity and peace; then again you can go for track lighting which is apparently the best option for those who intend to redecorate their home office frequently.

03. Throw In a Dream Board and Some Trinkets to your Home Office

Dream Board in Home Office

Maximize the space near the water feature by placing a dream board i.e. a motivational board and go ahead and keep framed pictures of your career goals, some motivational quotes, photographs of your achievements or even your loved ones, memes et al. These will boost your work momentum when it lags behind. Just remember to opt for whiteboards or soft boards as they are changeable and simplify your efforts to update your goals or swap the motivational quotes.

04. Cleanliness of the Water Fountain & the Complementary Touches Is an Absolute Mandate

Cleanliness near the Water Fountain

Now haven’t we all heard the popular adage since childhood “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”?  The same applies here too as it’s only a clean home office that ensures a happy work space. Albeit this doesn’t mean that everything has to be robotically spick and span; but yes the fountain and the dream board, plants and other knick knacks need to be clean and not layered with dust or grime. Your guests are definitely going to be intrigued by these pieces of décor and the next step they’ll take is to walk up to them for a closer look – we don’t want them to catch you on the wrong foot do we? So do remember to go through the manual of your fountain on how to keep it clean and please adhere to the instructions if you want your water feature to function properly for a long time to come. A quick dusting of the area and items surrounding your fountain is a daily mandate. And hey… don’t forget to regularly service your water fountain!

What is now in store for you in your modified (with water fountain, dream board, bonsai and trinkets) workspace at home is a better level of humidity, which will do wonders for your skin? Along with a feeling of contentment and peace upon viewing the water feature with those knick knacks which you hold dear to your heart; and the messages on the dream board which up your motivation quotient and in turn your productivity!

So when are you installing a water feature in your workspace at home?

We hope that you loved our ideas on water fountain, but if you want to revamp your home office, we have some informative tips for you:

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