5 Different Ways of Using Kitchen Island

The best thing that might have happened to contemporary kitchens is the introduction of a kitchen island. It is a centrally located counter in a kitchen which allows access from all sides & used primarily for food preparation & for storage of accessories needed for cooking. Following are the various ways of using kitchen island for your modern or contemporary kitchen.

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01. Kitchen Island with Chairs:

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The easiest way of using kitchen island in your kitchen is by adding island chairs to it. Kitchen Island with chairs can help the cook/house wife to interact with their guests while cooking. It is also advantageous in small homes, apartments to have seating where they can’t fit a full dining room table. Depending on the amount of space you have to fit your island, by placing a contemporary island with couple of island chairs, the kitchen is more serviceable and comfortable not only for cooking but also for having breakfast.

02. An Island can Add Storage Area/Kitchen Island with Storage:

If you are running out of space for storage in kitchen then adding or using kitchen island with storage may solve your problem. You can equip an island with the option of drawers, pull out shelves, and cabinets.  Kitchen island designs also provide a dustbin under a kitchen island as it does not interfere with the main preparation area of the kitchen.

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03. Serving or Preparation Top:

The simple kitchen island designs includes smooth countertop made up of standard kitchen material such as tile, stainless steel, wood or stone. This extra surface allows a person to prepare bulky items like preparing atta (dough) and pastas, or to transfer hot foods from the oven/ gas cooker to cool before serving.

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04. Additional Kitchen Amenities on Island:

Kitchen Island designs may also feature a working sink, refrigerator drawers, cooking areas and disposal unit for preparing or cutting fruits and vegetables. Cutting board may be pulled out from one end or can be placed on the top of counter for handling raw foods.

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Kitchen Island designs can also have a set of electric burners, a flat pan or even a grill. If such a countertop cooking system is used, the proper ventilation is necessary therefore an exhaust fan /chimney should be provided above heating elements which remove smoke and other smell from the rest of the kitchen. Chimney can also extracts hot air and allow fresh air to come in.

05. An Island Wonderful for Kids:

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When mummy cooks the food, kids can carry out their homework on island chairs or they pitch in to help make dinner. A kitchen island is a great place for kids to feel part of the action and also be in close eye view of parents.  For after school snacks and morning breakfasts it is the best way for using Kitchen Island for kids.

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