10 Great Ways to Add Additional Space to Your Home


When most of us living in metros generally deals with shortage of space always. Well who doesn’t want an additional family rooms or additional space. We often struggle for extra space when your family size increase, suddenly you find your home much smaller for your growing needs. At this stage you might be considering buying a bigger condo, whereas before you want to go for a bigger alternative there are some options available to add extra space in your house.

Now this thought must have crossed your mind as well but how is the question. We can offer some simple changes that can make more space available in your house. Here are 10 great ways to add additional space to your home.

Ways to Add Additional Space to Your Home

01. Need an Additional Space to Your Home – First Declutter It!

Need an Additional Space to Your Home - First Declutter It!

Well, if you are looking at some really quick and costless idea, then start at decluttering your home as it can make a big difference! There are times when we keep lot of extra stuff due to some emotional attachment or keep piling up things which we might need in future. Of course, the home will appear smaller.  Start with one room at a time and clear away anything and everything you don’t need or no longer use. To make it easier to categorize your unwanted things, have labeled to easily separate items going for charity donations from things that are going in the trash.

Throw away or recycle anything broken or unusable and, wherever possible, be ruthless. Trust me you will find lot of things that have no real use to but the emotional attachment is not letting you part ways. If you have lots of things you haven’t looked at or used for years but struggle to part with them, store them in a box and write a future date on them. If by that date you haven’t opened the box, donate the items. I know you will like to know how to declutter your basement and kitchen with our quick tips. Also, if you want to make it as a daily habit, then it is a best idea! Trust me!

02. Utilize High Ceiling for an Additional Space

Utilize High Ceiling for an Additional Space

Extra high ceiling can be put to a great use and lot of extra livable space can be added. Well the expert advice might be required again to make the best use of this. You may have you double bed converted to a bunk bed or a small library can be shifted in the mezzanine floor, you can even have a living room in the lower floor and a whole double bed in the floor above.

03. Use Multipurpose Furniture – For an Additional Storage Spaces

Use Multipurpose Furniture – For an Additional Storage Spaces

Invest your money wisely in some new multipurpose furniture which can add extra storage space in your house. Like an ottoman can be a storage for your newspapers, toys etc. you may also think about some expandable furniture which occupies very less space but can be expanded when required like sofa cum bed, folding dining tables, or a murphy bed.

04. Utilize the Attic – Add Extra Space to Your Home

Utilize the Attic – Add Extra Space to Your Home

If you have an attic which is connected with a stairway it can be employed as extra living space for your house. Only thing which need to be considered is if your house has slanting roof the 70% of attic space should have 7 ft or more height. This can make a very beautiful kids’ room or guest bedroom by opening a part of ceiling and replacing it with transparent fiber sheet.

05. Make Use of Space Under The Stairs

Make use of Space Under The Stairs

Most of the time the space under the stairs are not taken full advantage of. This space can be your pullout wardrobe or a bar which you always secretly wished for. Even the steps can have storage for books or extra stuff.

06. Garage Conversions

Garage Conversions

Many of the urban houses comes with a garage. And converting a garage is a great way to add habitable space to your home. This will be very cost-effective way because the basic structure is already there; it will be cheaper than planning a complete extension from the scratch. Garage conversions may require Local Authority consent, thus before moving ahead you must seek approval from your local council.

I am sure you have already figured out the use of this extra space, take advice from your local builder about the various option and cost for your required use. Now if we talk about how can you utilize this new additional space answer is anything you want like additional play area for kids, extra room for grandparents, guest bedroom, or even a recreational room for the adults. If we say you may use this extra space for all that you have been dreaming about. For sure this is a gateway for a healthy living space.

07. Room Extension – A Home Addition

Room Extension – A Home Addition

Extending your room or you can say adding a room to your home is another simple and cost-effective method. This is probably the first thing you think about when you to extent the livable size of your home. Whereas to implement this you would need an architect who can suggest the best possible options and with this discussion your vision can start taking shape.

A room extension can take some time to complete, so you should realistically expect some disruption to your usual routine. To maintain some kind of normality, it’s worthwhile to start with only one section of the house without being bothered by builders continually coming and going. It requires you to do some planning like where will the tradesmen use the home facilities, either you want to cordon off one toilet in home for them or you want to opt for portable toilets. Well, no one likes a foul-smelling portable toilet too. So to keep it fresh, invest in deodorizers available at retailers like Sanitation Solutions. This is an effective method to add additional space to your home yet it is to be done keeping in mind the hassles.

08. Convert the Deck into Livable Space

Convert the Deck into Livable Space

Converting your deck or balcony into a family room can be a very simple way to upgrade your living space. You may add big windows in this to make sure you are not cutting short on fresh air and sunlight. What better way to sock in the sun with your whole family and listening to your favorite music?

09. Walk-in Wardrobes Can be Converted 

Walk-in Wardrobes can be Converted

Why to spend extra money if you can simply remove all the storage units from your walk-in wardrobe and convert it to your home office. This place can be put to use in different creative ways like kids playroom or an extra bathroom.

10. Last – A Place for Everything

Last - A Place for Everything

Keeping things in place is not a new thing to say but it will really do the trick if you want to have more space in your house. If your home storage solutions are efficient and organized, it can make a massive difference. Storage baskets and boxes come in an array of colors and designs so there are many beautiful, yet practical solutions.

Shelving is another great way to add storage and create an additional space. Be clever about it, and you could free up more space than you ever considered possible.


Now we know you have been contemplating creating a bigger space for self. Whether you are willing to undertake construction or not these are some interesting ways to add the much-desired extra space. The specifics will depend entirely on the size and configuration of your current house, your budget, your unique needs, and much more. But non the less it’s achievable so pick-up your pen and paper and start putting your ideas across. Believe me it will be worth all your efforts.

Don’t forget, you can also make your room appear larger with the below given tips:

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