7 Effective Ways to Lower Your Household Electric Bills


Are your electric bills spiking per month?  Electric bills can increase the expenditure in your household budgets. In essence, it accounts for at least 5-10% of income. You cannot imagine spending such a huge amount of money on one utility alone.

To determine if this is a sole problem, reached out to your friends. Their feedback surprised you as they are paying less than a quarter of your household bill. Many of them mentioned using Electricity Monster to compare rates and find ways to save, which could explain the difference. The bills are low despite them having a lifestyle similar to yours. But how are they able to minimize their electric expenses. Are they using magic or miracles to do it? How to save money on electric bills?

The answer is no. All they know is the following 7 ways to lower electricity bills which you can adopt too:

Performing an energy audit to Lower Electricity Bills

Do you know the power consumption of each facility in your home? Probably, you do not have any idea. You cannot tell which areas and appliances contribute excessively on your power bill. Lack of this information is one reason when you will keep spending more on this essential utility and answer to this question will lead you towards ways to lower electric bills.

Energy Audit through Meter

Information is power and this does not change in the electric field. The beginning of low power bills is knowing how much each element and system in your house is contributing. This is only possible through conducting an energy audit. The audit will help you know the top energy consumers. You can work with your utility provider for these services.

In case they do not offer such services, you can look for a reputable electrical company such as Bright Force Electrical. The company have professional who can perform an energy audit. They will also offer recommendations on how to reduce electricity bills and what you need to do save on electric bills? So, you can consider this idea.

Consider Dimmer Switches

Switching your bulb on consumes a number voltage of energy. As you know, you hoes cannot go without lighting on the lamps and bulbs. However, they contribute a lot to save money on energy bills. The lighting can account for over 30% of your power expenses. You need to come up with a way of minimizing this consumption rate.

Dimmer Switches

One trick to cut the electric bill can be achieved is by installing dimmer switches. These switches are a great way to reduce your energy consumption. They save energy by allowing you to reduce the brightness of the lights in your home. So, they can be a good option to deal with the giant bills without hurting your life.

Opt for Thicker Supply Wires

If you did not know, the thickness of your supply wires has an impact on your bills. When you use thin wire for electric connections, you will pay a higher bill than someone using thick wires. The aspect lies on science approach of resistance.

Using Thicker Supply Wires

A thin wire has high resistance due to lack of many free electrons. For power to pass through them, they utilize more energy to overcome resistance.  On the other hand, thick wires have high number of free electrons which result low resistance meaning low energy consumption and lower the electricity bill.

In this regard, going for thick wires can push your power bills down. You will enjoy better lighting without going deeper in your pockets. So, if high bills are a nightmare in your home, consider replacing the thin supply wires with thicker ones.

Moreover the concealed wiring and open wiring has major effects on the energy of your house. Here GharPedia shares you an article to know the difference between same.

Keep your Fridges and Freezers Full

Everyone loves having a freezer or fridge in their household. But these appliances are giant power consumers. They will spike your electricity bills. So some people will advise you to switch them off. But, have you ever thought how to save on electric bills while using all of them?

Keeping Fridge and Freezer full

The truth is you can keep your fridges on and still pay low bills. How is this possible? The secret is keeping them full. When your fridge is full it takes less time to achieve desired temperatures than when half or empty. More time equals additional units of power. So, keeping it full is a way to lower electric bills and saves on power units.

Use Chargeable Electronics

Electronics are part of your daily life. you have phones, music systems, TV, and other elements. For these items to work, you need to connect them to a power source. Some of them cannot operate without power connections. This aspect means that you will spend more money on electric bills.

Use Chargeable Electronics

Fortunately, charge electronics are coming up. You no longer need to use desktops with power consuming CPUs. Instead, you can opt for a laptop that comes with a durable battery. Also, some music systems are coming with inbuilt batteries. Shifting to these devices is a great way to bring down your monthly power bills and is one of the best ways to save on electric bill.

Maintain your HVAC Systems Regularly

No doubt, HVAC system is crucial in every household but they can huge contributors to your bills. In particular, this system becomes inefficient after a long time of use without maintenance. The result is an increase in your power bills.

Maintenance of HVAC System

Regular maintenance can help you change the situation. For instance, you can consider cleaning up the system and installation of new filters. With this, you will lower electricity bills and give your house a clean and fresh conditioned environment.

Switch to LED for your Lightings

The LED technology is revolutionizing how people light their houses. The bulbs made through this technology allow you to light your house while saving on bills. In essence, LED bulbs lower your lighting power consumption by 90%. This transforms to a lower power bill in your household.

LED Bulbs

If you are yet to make the move, it is time to shift to the LED world. Consider replacing the traditional bulbs with LED ones.

Ensure all essential lighting needs are using LED bulbs and related technologies. With them, you will slash your lighting costs by more than half.

Wrapping up

In a word, expensive power bills are a disappointment. It hurts when much of your salary is going to paying utility bills. But, you can alter this forever. The secret to managing your power bills is following the above tips.

Go for LED technology, chargeable electronics, and consider thicker supply wires. These aspects will help you lower electricity bills and save more coins for other purposes in your household.

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