5 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home!

Guest at Home

With COVID-19 regulations starting to relax around the world due to the mass vaccine campaigns, it won’t be long before we can invite friends and family members to come and stay with us again. Whilst this is an amazing development, some of us may have forgotten how to make guests feel at home.

Ways to Make Your Guests Feel At Home

Here are 5 great ways to do just that:

01. Tidy Up Your Room

Tidy up your Room
Spraying Plants

There is nothing worse than going to stay with friends or family and walking into a messy house. With children, it is often more difficult to keep things neat but you need to put in that extra effort for your guests. Pick up any clothing items or toys that are lying around and make sure to tidy up the rooms that your guests will be entering. Remove any dead leaves from your house plants and make sure they are freshly sprayed with water to make them look healthier.

02. Comfortable Furniture for Guest at Home

Comfortable Pull out Sofa Bed

Make sure your guests get the best night’s rest by giving them comfortable pull-out sofa beds to use. Your guests will feel at home if you make their environment as warm and welcoming as possible. Get comfortable pillows and provide them with extra blankets for those chilly nights. Sleeping on an old, lumpy bed will cause back pain and make your guests never want to return and you don’t want that!

03. Comfort Food

Pizza for Guest

When your guests arrive, offer them some refreshments and a light snack – that is the quickest way to make them feel at home after their long journey. Make sure that your guests are never left hungry by preparing a meal plan for the duration of their stay. Comfort foods like pasta, pizza, and stews are the best options because they are easier to plan and make. Have bottled water available for your guests to take to bed with them at night to avoid them getting thirsty during the night.

04. Put Towels in Guest Bedroom

Towels for Guest

Fresh towels are a must for your guests, have an ample supply of clean towels for them to use during their stay with you. Leave the folded towels in your guest bedroom so they won’t have to ask for them later and then replace them every day with clean ones. If your guest bathroom has a heated towel rail then that is even better, there is nothing better than wrapping up in a fresh, heated towel after a bath or a shower.

05. Clean Linen of Guest Bed

Clean Linen

Make sure to replace the linen on your guest bed with a fresh and clean set the day your guests are set to arrive. You need to do this even if the current set hasn’t technically been used – 18 months is a long time to collect dust and chances are your current set will have a stale smell by now. Clean linen will help your guests get a good night’s rest after their showers.

Making your guests feel at home can feel intimidating but it doesn’t have to be, you just need to follow the simple steps above to make sure your guests enjoy their stay with you.

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