7 Ways to Put Gravel to Work in Your Garden!

Gravel Uses

A garden adds to the aesthetic appeal of an environment. It brings calm and closeness to nature in a soul-touching manner. That’s why many people spend money to take care of their gardens.

But apart from the flowers that decorate a garden, you can enhance the looks of the whole place with gravel. Gravel is a landscape material that you can use to add to the beauty of your garden. Apart from that, gravel helps to reduce the maintenance requirements of a garden. The most interesting part is that this material comes in a plethora of sizes and colors to match the statement of any garden. Also, you can get your supply from many places, including CQ Sand & Gravel.

So, we will share some of the ways to put gravel to work in your garden below. Check them out and place your order for gravel today.

Ways to Put Gravel in a Garden

01. Flooring Your Gravel Garden Patio

Gravels in Patio

Setting up a small garden patio is a great way to enjoy nature comfortably. But you can enhance this looks by flooring it with gravel. By that, you can enjoy a surface where rainwater won’t disfigure since it drains almost automatically. With the different colors of gravel out there, you can choose a color that matches the surrounding area too.

02. Use Gravel for Drains

Gravels in Drain

Adding gravel to your drainage system is a surefire way of boosting their efficiency. When water drops on the trenches, it leaves almost immediately, thereby helping the systems to work better. Moreover, gravel in trenches will ensure that the water flows in the right directions you need in your garden and does not run all over the place, causing a mess. Also, it stops the accumulation of debris that impedes water flow.

03. Proper Control of Erosion

Gravels Prevent Erosion

The best gravel that prevents the runoff of soil/rock particles is crushed gravels. This is because their angular edges usually prevent them from moving with running water. So, you can spread them on hilly garden beds or sloped walkways. But also add other erosion-preventive measures to prevent a tough situation that gravel alone can’t control.

04. Gravel Driveways

Gravels in Pathway

Another use of gravel in your garden is to create a surface where cars can cross without sinking. The best part is that this material can create a beautiful finely-colored driveway in your garden. Moreover, if your area is always experiencing heavy rainfall, gravel might be better than concrete or asphalt. All you can do is to ensure that there’s a firm foundation under the gravel to support the car weight. So, use a high-quality MOT with different pieces that are compact to produce a very solid base.

05. Use Gravel as Garden Beds Mulch

Gravel as a Mulch

Many gardeners rely on dead grasses, fallen leaves or other materials to form mulch on garden beds. But you can be innovative by using gravel instead of the natural mulch. With gravel, the beds can be protected from evaporation. Also, using colored gravel on the beds can boost the aesthetic appeal of the whole garden. Moreover, you will not need to weed all the time as gravel can impede weed growth. All you have to do is spread the gravel and leave some spaces around the tree & shrubs bases free of the material. Also, ensure that the gravel is not too thick on the bed to prevent soil compaction.

06. Creating Beautiful Gravel Walkways

Gravel Walkway

Have you ever imagined how a walkway in the garden can be, especially if you use gravel of different colors to create it? The truth is that you’ll end up with an amazing-looking walkway that’ll enhance the whole surrounding. According to professional gardeners, the best gravel for this work will be the fine type. But before you add it, lay the base rock foundation to withstand the pressure of the movement across the walkway. Then spread the fine gravel on it until it is at least two or four inches deep.

07. Beautify Your Fire Pit– Gravel around Fire Pit

Gravel Around Fire Pit

If you already have a fire pit in the garden, why not enhance it now with gravel? This material can transform the fire pit and also protect its surrounding from stray sparks. What you can do is get a color that will complement the pit and use it. For instance, a metal pit can look good with any gravel color. If you have the stone type of fire pit, you can still find a great color for it.


The application of gravel uses doesn’t end in house building. It extends to adding beauty to any environment. Given that many colors are available now, you can use it to enhance the appearance of even the dirtiest part of a garden. It can be used for your patio, driveway, walkways, and drainage systems or as an alternative to natural mulch.

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