Simple Ways To Transform Your Bedroom Into A Relaxing Sleep Environment

Relaxing Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Indians are getting an average of just 7 hours and 1 minute sleep per night, according to The India Times. This makes them one of the most sleep deprived countries in the world. Lack of sleep is often caused by an unrelaxing bedroom environment, with poor color choices, clutter, and temperature problems typically to blame. So, just want to know how should you design your bedroom to optimize your relaxation? Then you are at the right place just continue to read. Here Gharpedia is sharing with you some relaxing bedrooms ideas.

How to Create a Relaxing Bedroom for Proper Sleep?

01. Use Calm Colors

Use Calm Colors In Bedroom

Red is a symbolic color in India, but it’s best to avoid using it in your bedroom as it’s stimulating. Other colors to steer clear of include neon and bright shades. Instead, opt for calming colors that will induce sleep.

Pale shades and earthy colors are typically best, such as lavender, sage green, and light blue. One scientific study revealed that university students found blue the most relaxing color of all, so it’s worth implementing this color in your bedroom if possible.

02. Ventilate The Room

Ventilate The Room

India’s homes tend to have poor air quality. One reason for this is because dirty solid fuels are often used for cooking and heating purposes, especially in rural parts of the country. Other causes are the use of general household products, such as cleaning items, scented candles, and paint.

You’ll find it difficult to relax and sleep if your bedroom is polluted by these items as they can cause breathing difficulties and even sleep apnea, so be sure to allow plenty of ventilation in your bedroom via the window. Even leaving the door open to your bedroom can help as it allows air to flow more freely. You may also want to use a dehumidifier or an air vent to increase your bedroom’s ventilation further.

03. Get The Right Temperature In Your Bedroom

Get The Right Temperature In Your Bedroom

Science says that the ideal room temperature is a cool 60 to 67 degree Fahrenheit (15-19 degree Celsius). A hot, stuffy room will have you tossing and turning all night, so even in the height of summer, you need to find ways to bring the temperature down in your bedroom to help you relax. A fan or air conditioning system is an effective way to do this. You could also put a bowl of ice in front of your fan or window as this will cool the air down in your room as it melts.

04. Use Fabulous Fabrics For Bedroom

Use Fabulous Fabrics For Bedroom

The fabrics that you use in your bedroom play a vital role in how relaxed you’ll feel at bedtime. It’s worth splashing out on silk bedding as it’s extremely comfortable and provides a luxurious night’s sleep. Silk is also recommended as it keeps you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold. Linen is also a good material to use as bedding as it is very soft and is good at keeping the body cool. When it comes to window material, opt for heavy duty blackout curtains that block the light, such as cotton or polyester as these will keep your room dark and help to regulate the temperature of the room.

A relaxing bedroom is the key to a good night’s sleep. To achieve this, you need to spend time getting everything in your bedroom just right, including the wall color and your bedroom sheets.

We hope you enjoyed relaxing bedrooms ideas. Along with this, you should also check out the latest bedroom designs here – Gharpedia Bedroom Designs

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