6 Ways To Update Your Home On A Budget

You might want a new look for your home for the new year to bring more positivity, prosperity, and inspiration to your family. Transforming your home’s overall theme or ambiance requires a lot of planning, but the real challenge may be in achieving your goal without ruining your budget. Prices of construction materials have increased, and thus, renovation can cost a lot of money.  Don’t worry. You can still make your living space more beautiful, comfortable, and cozy by checking out these amazing ways to update your home on a budget.

6 Amazing Ways To Update Your Home On A Budget

Do you want a budget home makeover? And thinking about how to update your home on a budget?

Then don’t worry; here are the best ways to update your home on a budget.

01. Apply A Fresh Wall Paint For A New Style

Apply A Fresh Wall Paint to Update your Home
Apply A Fresh Wall Paint to Update your Home

House painting has been one of the most popular home renovation ideas on a budget for years. Transform your interiors by applying a fresh coat of paint. Expect to pay USD$20 to USD$80 for a gallon of paint, depending on the quality, sheen, and color, enough to cover a small room or up to 400 square feet. 

If you have white or beige living room walls, try something bolder, like gray or red. Gray brings a touch of sophistication to a simple living room, making a timeless backdrop for colorful furniture. On the other hand, you can recreate the colors of the outdoors with sage green or tranquil blue to make your living room more inviting, relaxing, and welcoming.

If you’re busy or don’t have the right tools, it helps to hire a professional to repaint your interiors when you’re updating your aesthetics to a new style. It’s worth the money in exchange for professional-looking interiors.

02. Add A Crown Molding

Add A Crown Molding To Refresh Your Home
Add A Crown Molding To Refresh Your Home

Make your rooms more elegant with crown molding. This decorative element is used for capping interior walls, cabinets, and columns and for covering unsightly irregularities between the walls and ceilings. In addition, this budget-friendly home renovation idea-crown molding can make a space look bigger or smaller, depending on the paint. Painting a contrasting color to the crown molding makes the room look smaller.

Crown molding is a great investment because it can boost your home’s resale value. The average crown molding installation cost is USD$5 to USD$8 per linear foot or USD$500 to USD$800 per 100 linear feet. So, expect to pay up to USD $800 for adding crown molding for a 25 x 25 bedroom. 

The most affordable crown molding options are polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), starting as low as USD$1 per linear foot.

03. Apply A Fresh New Stain On Hardwood Floors

Apply A Fresh Stain on Hardwood Floors
Apply A Fresh Stain on Hardwood Floors

Whether you’re working with an existing hardwood floor or are planning to install one, staining is extremely important for its durability and longevity. The frequency depends on the hardwood floor’s thickness. Refinish hardwood floors every seven to ten years for proper maintenance.

The most popular hardwood floor stain options are water- or oil-based. The price depends on stain type and quality, usually USD$30 to USD$100 per gallon, which can cover 500 to 600 square feet. It’s one of the best ways to update your home on a budget with a large surface area without.

You can calculate how much stain to apply on the floor by dividing the area’s total square footage by the square footage coverage listed on the stain can. After which, round up the result to a whole number. If you have 600 square feet of hardwood floor to cover and the stain can coverage is 220 square feet, then you need three cans of that stain.

04. Change Your Outdated Electrical Fixtures

Change Your Outdated Electrical Fixtures
Change Your Outdated Electrical Fixtures

Renovating or remodeling your home without updating your electrical fixtures isn’t a wise idea. Prioritizing this update is a must to ensure your family’s safety. 

Many existing older houses don’t have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets. Install GFCI outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms to prevent electric shocks due to appliance-water contact and stay up to code. 

Cracks in power outlet covers are beyond a cosmetic issue. Covers keep dust, dirt, and other debris out of the power outlet. So, cracks may pose a safety hazard, requiring a licensed electrician to immediately assess your home’s electrical system and replace electrical outlets, covers, plates, and other outdated electrical fixtures. 

Expect to pay anywhere from USD$125 to USD$175 to install or replace a standard electrical outlet. The national average installation cost for an electrical outlet is USD$100 to USD$500 per outlet, depending on the job’s complexity.

05. Change Your Kitchen Backsplash To Look Expensive

Change Your Kitchen Backsplash
Change Your Kitchen Backsplash

Create a more modern and luxurious kitchen look by replacing your old backsplash with something expensive-looking without hurting your budget. In addition, this budget home makeover will make your kitchen area more inspiring for cooking healthy meals for family and friends.

Buy mosaic tile sheets at USD$3 each at your nearest home improvement store to save money on backsplash material and installation costs. Choose from different amazing tile designs for a few dollars per square foot—mount several rows of mosaic tiles to mesh backing sheets to quickly cover an entire square foot.

Another budget-friendly home renovation idea is painting your backsplash. Use a roller to evenly apply tile paint or special epoxy paint to the tile. If you have light-colored kitchen cabinets, apply dark paint to your backsplash to achieve balance and harmony.

06. Declutter, Clean, And Repair

Kitchen Cabinet Repairing
Kitchen Cabinet Repairing

Another one of the best ways to update your home on a budget is to keep it in good shape. So, decluttering, cleaning, and repairing are important to attain this goal. If you’ve been very busy for the past couple of weeks or months, it’s high time you conducted a major cleaning project to update your home. 

Sort your belongings and keep away those things you don’t use. You can donate them to charity or take them to the recycling center. Moreover, clean your house to eliminate accumulated dirt by vacuuming, wiping all surfaces, and pressure washing exterior walls. Repair all broken fixtures to avoid accidents and save yourself from costly replacements.

Hiring professional cleaners and repairers makes sense if you’re too busy with other things. The average housecleaning service hourly rate is USD$50 to USD$90, depending on your home’s size and condition and the extent of the cleaning job.


I hope you like the blog on how to update your home on a budget, which will help you get a budget home makeover. Unleash your creativity, resourcefulness, and wise budget practices to achieve an updated look for your home sweet home. And welcome friends and family warmly into your beautiful, newly decorated house for the new year. So, what are you waiting for, apply the above ways to update your home on a budget and let’s refresh your home without spending much on an expensive renovation.

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