When Should You Call A Residential Locksmith?

Calling a locksmith because you are in a state of locked-out crisis is a fairly easy decision. However, there are other points in time when ordering up a locksmith is a wonderful way to actually plan ahead and be proactive. You can protect yourself against some disasters by calling a locksmith. Here, Gharpdia shares the top 5 reasons you should call a residential locksmith.

Reasons to Call a Residential Locksmith

If you are confused, ‘when should you call a residential locksmith’, the followings are the main reasons –

  1. When You Lose Your Key
  2. If Your Key Breaks Off In the Lock
  3. As Soon As You Buy A House
  4. If Your Lock Is Old
  5. After Your Home Has Been Broken Into

Have a detailed look –

01. When You Lose Your Key

When You Lose Your Key
When You Lose Your Key

When you lose your keys, and you’re locked out, call the first locksmith that pops up in your phone search. If you’re like me, you never lock yourself out in the middle of the day when the weather is lovely. Hence, calling a locksmith and paying is always a better choice than breaking in.

If you’re renting and you lock yourself out, your first thought may be to contact your landlord or your rental manager. Remember that they are functionally rescuing you; if your option is to give the locksmith $100, but the rental manager can get you in within a few hours, be patient and consider sending them a gift card to thank them for letting you in.

02. If Your Key Breaks Off In the Lock

If Your Key Breaks Off In the Lock
If Your Key Breaks Off In the Lock

Worn keys break. Most of the time, the failure of your key will give you quite a bit of warning. If you struggle with a key, you have to jiggle, joggle and try one more time; you either have a set of worn tumblers inside the lock or a key that is so worn it’s not engaging the tumblers. Now is the time to replace the lock. If you’re renting, you’re still stuck and locked out when your key breaks. Do let your rental manager or landlord know that you want to replace the lock before the key breaks.

For those who live in the cold country, there is also the risk that the key will break because the weather stripping has stiffened up, and you can’t get the bolt to move out of the opening in the doorframe. Your weather stripping may need to be updated, but if you’re cranking hard on the key and the bolt just won’t move, you can snap off a new key in the lock. A locksmith will have the tools necessary to remove the broken part of the key. The lock may be perfectly fine, but do consider getting the mechanics of the door and the lock better balanced.

03. As Soon As You Buy A House

As Soon As You Buy A House
As Soon As You Buy A House

Your new house needs new locks and keys immediately! You may have a strong relationship with the seller and trust them implicitly. If so, change the locks and give them a key to the new lock. Once you own the property and have loaded your possessions into the space, you will be delighted that you know exactly who has a key.

This is particularly critical if you have a digital keypad and door key combo. If you just bought a house that was freshly updated, your door code may also be in possession of every worker who worked on the updates. This is not to say that any of these folks is not trustworthy, but a new owner in a new house needs new locks. It’s just a way to enjoy a fresh start.

04. If Your Lock Is Old

If Your Lock Is Old
If Your Lock Is Old

If you’re lucky enough to own an older house that you love, your front door may be a custom size and have an old-world, elegant lock. While updating the door may take a skilled carpenter and a big budget, you can get an updated lock in rubbed bronze to get a decent color match to your older hardware.

Your front door may not have a deadbolt. If you know that the door is going to have to be updated or the frame shored up, make the investment. An old house that leaks a lot of hot or cold air will not be comfortable in extreme temperatures. A skilled handyman can update your weather stripping; a gifted carpenter can build you a new door to fit your current doorframe. Put a brand new lock into your old house! You’ll increase your security and lower your utility bills.

05. After Your Home Has Been Broken Into

After Your Home Has Been Broken Into
After Your Home Has Been Broken Into

It may seem odd to change your locks after a break-in. However, if a stranger broke into your home, they may have –

  • stolen your keys
  • taken your neighbor’s keys or their security code from your desk
  • generally rattled you and caused a lot of distress

You might need new doors if your door frames were forced. You may need your doorframe rebuilt if the frame was damaged in the break-in. New locks will be a simple addition once you get the door frames rebuilt and the doors installed.

New locks can brighten the look of your home and make you feel safer whether in or out of the house. If you call a locksmith, a skilled locksmith can easily either replace the tumblers in your lock or replace the entire mechanism.

I hope you like this blog on why you need to call a residential locksmith, and that will helps you to protect yourself and your loved ones from certain tragedies.

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