Why do We Use Cement for Constructing a House?

Cement is well known building material in the construction. It is used to bind various construction materials together. In the modern context, the word cement can be defined as a material with adhesive and cohesive properties that make it capable of bonding the mineral fragments into a hard compact mass with sufficient strength.
This is more important in the east of the world, where the house built by the first generation is used even by second and third generation and hence, the life of the structure is very important from that point of view cement is very important.
A beautiful structure is not just enough to fulfill your wish of owning a durable home.  More than fancy features, you need to focus on functional and durable elements that make your home long lasting. One of the main materials that contribute to the strength of the building is cement. Nowadays it is easily available all throughout and it is comparatively cheaper.

There are various types of cements available in the market. However, the type of cement used mainly depends upon the purpose of construction/building. There are various factors that affect the selection of cement for appropriate application such as, functional requirement of structure, design parameters, durability characteristics, and environmental conditions. However, among many types of cement, Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is used for constructing residential buildings.

Uses of Cement 

The use of cement  over various applications in construction are listed below:
01. Cement is used for R.C.C. in which forms core structure of the house.
02. Cement slurry is used for filling cracks in concrete structures.
03. Cement mortar is used for masonry work, plastering, pointing, flooring etc.
04. For manufacturing cement pipes, garden seats, dust bins, flower pots etc. cement is commonly used.
05. It is useful for the construction of roads, footpaths,
06. It is used in concrete for laying floors, roofs and constructing lintels, beams, stairs, pillars, column etc.
07. It is used where hard surface is required to protect exposed surfaces of structures against the destructive agents of the weather and certain organic or inorganic chemicals.
08. It is used for piles, fencing posts, electric poles.
09. It is used in the preparation of foundations, water tight floors, footpaths, courts for various sports etc.
Cement is so wonderful construction material that it helpful to solve and construct the difficult and challenging site condition like, construction under water, construction in saline soil, structure where you need to reuse formwork immediately and so on.

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