Window Drapes vs Curtains: Secrets that You should Know About it!

Windows are the most noticeable part of the room and hence uncovered windows can make rooms feel incomplete and lacking.
Most homeowners choose to cover their windows not only to block out light but to protect their privacy. However, the way they go about choosing window treatments can be totally different from home to home. There are various types of window treatments like curtains, drapes, blinds, shades, etc.

Curtains and drapes are the most stylish and popular window treatment nowadays. Apart from adorning your windows, they also protect your home from dust and glare of the sun. In Asian countries, people call them curtains whereas in western countries, curtains popularly known as drapes. However, many people believe that curtains and drapes both are the same thing and use these two words interchangeably. But there is some slight difference between curtains and drapes, i.e. curtains are short or floor length whereas drapes are upto floor length.

Here we give you a comparison of drapes vs curtains which will help you to choose the right window treatment:


01. General

  • Window Curtains are a piece of light fabric suspended at the top, attached to the rod with the help of rings, typically movable sideways along a rail. They are short or floor length. It is They also known as curtain panels.
  • Window Drapes are of length from the top of the window to the floor which is hung on the rod with the help of hooks for the purpose of moving through the rod. They are pleated. Draperies, drapery panels, etc. are the alternative name of drapes.

02. Material

  • Curtains are made up of lightweight fabric like cotton, linen, etc.
  • Drapes are made up of rich fabric like silk, velvet, etc. Fabrics for drapes are often costlier than that of curtains.

03. Types

  • There are various types of curtains like grommet curtains, tab top curtains, sheer curtains, rod pocket curtains, etc.
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  • Pinch pleat drapes, goblet pleat drapes, pencil pleat drapes, box pleat drapes, etc. are various types of drapes or draperies.

04. Light Control

  • Curtains provide less light control than drapes. They do not completely block out the light.
  • Drapes provide more light control than curtains as they are made up of heavyweight fabric.  They are better equipped at filtering light and permit only some of the sunlight to enter the room.

05. Privacy

  • Curtains provide less privacy than drapes as it is made up of light weight fabric.
  • Draperies are made from thick fabric, hence provide better privacy.

06. Advantages

  • A curtain does not completely block the sunlight. Therefore it maintains the light entering the home.
  • Curtains typically require less cleaning as compares to drapes.
  • You can hang the curtains or curtain panels on your own, without professional help.  Making the curtains at home is also not a difficult task if you are good at sewing.
  • The major advantage of drapes is that it prevents more sunlight entering room through windows they cover. This is ideal for rooms that have televisions or similar devices in locations that could easily be struck by sunlight and create glare on the screen.
  • It will enhance the appearance of your house.
  • It has ability to maintain the comfortable temperature in a room.

07. Disadvantages

  • Curtains are less decorative than drapes.
  • If control over light is what matters, it is not possible with curtains.
  • It provides less privacy than drapes.
  • It can be difficult to clean as compared to curtains.
  • Any damage to the fabric will ruin the texture.
  • Drapes are more costly than curtains as they are made from rich fabric.
  • If drapes are damaged, it can be very costly to have them repaired or replaced due to their luxurious nature.
  • Drapes completely block out sunlight hence you won’t have any natural sunlight entering the room.

08. Cost

  • The cost of the window curtains is less as compared to curtains.
  • The window drapes are more costly as compared to curtains.

Special Comments

From the above comparison of window drapes vs curtains, these window treatments are different in, material, style and size. Window curtains are lightweight whereas drapes are heavyweight.  Therefore you need to choose correct window treatment according to your taste, lifestyle, requirement and budget.

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