What is a Window Pelmet? Explore its Function and Types


Changing your home interior can be as complicated or as simple as you want. You can remodel your living space or add a few design elements to break the monotony and improve the overall look of your home. One of the simplest ways to change the look of your room is to add window pelmet, popularly known as curtain pelmet. It adds sophistication to your room.

In this article, we will look at what a window or curtain pelmet is, its functions, and its types.

What is a Window Pelmet?

As per the Collins dictionary, a curtain pelmet is a decorative board or fabric placed above a window to decorate or hide curtain hardware. Although it is confused for valance due to its appearance, function, and placement, it is not a type of window treatment. Pelmet is an architectural element with many uses and can be made of wood, fabric, or even metal.

While there is no fixed measurement for a curtain pelmet, it should ideally be about 1/5th or 1/6th of the height of your curtain. If your ceiling or window height is low, the pelmet can be 1/8th of your curtain height. What is crucial is that the pelmet is big enough to conceal the curtain hardware.

A great feature of pelmet is that it is versatile and can go with any window treatment.

What is the Function of Window Pelmet?

A. Hide Curtain Hardware and Other Fittings

This is the primary function of a window pelmet and the reason for its existence. It hides the top part of a curtain like a rod, rings, brackets, etc., making the interiors look more elegant and tidier. When your curtain hardware is hidden safely behind a decorative wooden box, you no longer have to worry about splurging on expensive and fancy-looking fixtures like finials, rods, tracks, and more.

B. Anchor for Wires and Lights

You can also use it to hide wirings or to anchor LED light strips.

C. Energy Efficiency

Pelmet also acts as additional insulation. It blocks out heat from the outside in the hot summer months. Conversely, it traps heat within a room and stops it from seeping outside in winter.

D. Add Elegance and Sophistication

Pelmet looks grand and elegant. Their presence in a room can dramatically improve the look and feel. Pelmets, unlike valances, add drama to your windows.

What are the Different Types of Curtain Pelmet?

01. Fabric or Soft Pelmet

As the name suggests, it is made of fabric. Soft pelmet is a relaxed and decorative fabric border that runs along the length of the track or rod for a clean look. Its cost varies depending on the fabric and can be pricey or inexpensive. While solid pelmet is flat, you can add dimension and bulk to your fabric pelmet by folding or giving it pleats. Adding tassels and over-the-top trims gives them an opulent look.

When made of fabric with simple design or a solid colour, it makes good kitchen window treatments as they look like mini curtains.

While some soft pelmet is attached to a baseboard, you can also directly put them on the curtain track or rod, making it easy to remove, clean, and reattach.

02. Wooden Pelmet

Traditionally, wooden pelmet for window is made of timber. However, this pelmet is made of light plywood or MDF wood, which is a cheaper alternative. Wooden window pelmet can be either plain box-shaped or customised in different shapes to suit the style of the room.

03. Box Pelmet

This pelmet is box-shaped and covered in fabric. Box pelmet creates a neat, contemporary look. It can be paired with a wide variety of patterned or plain fabrics.

04. Shaped Pelmet

A shaped pelmet is a wooden pelmet that has been moulded or cut into various shapes to tie in with the rest of the furniture or blend with the overall style of the room. You can cut it with multiple arches, scalloped edges, soft curves, or boxed steps. You can also add complementary trims and braids to make it more attractive.

For a dramatic look, you can extend the sides of the pelmet as long as the window sides or half the length. It makes a really good pelmet for roller blinds.

05. Foamboard Pelmet

Foamboard is cheaper and lighter than plywood or MDF wood. Additionally, it is easy to install. It leaves almost no trace, making it a great option if you are a home renter. The main drawback of this type of pelmet is that it is not very durable, and you can make a dent even with a fingernail.

06. False Ceiling

Technically, a false ceiling isn’t pelmet but it can serve the purpose of hiding your curtain fixtures and other details. You can design a false ceiling to allow space to suspend curtains from the ceiling. Using this method will save you money and allow you to work on making individual pelmets for several windows in the same room.

On a concluding note, now that you have learned a little more about window pelmet, we hope you can make better decor choices for your home. So, don’t sleep on this resurging home decor trend anymore; give your window and curtain the luxury of the elegant pelmet.

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