Window Shutters and their Various Components

Windows are the main component of the house. It allows light and ventilation into a room. It must be such that one can open and close it easily.

Window shutters are the openable part of a window. They are held in position by the window frame by suitable hinges. It is a movable barrier consisting of a panel assembly. The purpose of providing window shutter is to control the amount of sunlight entering the room, to provide privacy and security and to enhance the aesthetic view of a house.

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Window Shutter
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The window shutters are of two types:

01. Interior Window Shutters:

Interior window shutters add a warm and elegant atmosphere that you notice while entering any room. The majority of these type of shutters come with louvers which allow the shutters to be adjusted when desired.

02. Exterior Window Shutters:

Exterior window shutters can provide a classic look from the outside of any home. It can be used to keep the light out when closed or bring light in when opened.  It can be made out of wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, plastic, or steel depends on the type of shutter you want.

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Window shutters are available in a variety of styles, shapes and material.  They are made from the variety of materials like wood, aluminium, steel, vinyl, etc. The window shutters are different types depends on the method of operation i.e. casement window shutter, double hung window shutter, sliding window shutter, pivoted window shutter, etc.  There are many different styles of a shutter to suit differently shaped windows. The shape of the shutters may be arch, rectangular, circular, etc.

Components of Window Shutter

The shutters consist of styles, panels and rails.

The Components of Window Shutters are as Under:

Stiles or Style:

  • Style is the vertical outside member of the shutters.

Top Rail:

  • This is the top-most horizontal member of the window shutter.

Intermediate Rails:

  • All additional horizontal members between the top rail and bottom rail are known as intermediate rails.

Bottom Rail:

  • This is the lowermost horizontal member of window shutters.


  • This is the area, which is enclosed between the adjacent rails.
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The size of the components of window shutters depends on the types of window, the material used in window, the size of the window, etc.

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