Window Treatment Guide – A Brief Overview

Are you flummoxed with what to dress up your window with? Looking for some window treatment guide that provides knowledge of the right window treatment? Do you go crazy trying to figure out which window covering idea for privacy is best and also control pollution levels with a window that faces the road? Relax! Gharpedia brings some practical pointers in the window treatment guide to arrive at the importance of window treatment as well as best window treatment solutions through this blog.

According to Sue Sampson and Ellen Delucia (2006) (Authors of “Window Treatments Idea Book”), window treatments are the design elements that can transform a room from cold and uninviting to warm and welcoming – the kind of place you’d like to spend time in, to relax on the couch, sip a cup of tea, and enjoy a latest novel.

Window covering ideas provided here are easy to understand and best to implement.

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Why Window Treatment Guide

Window treatment guide is important because windows are one of the main focal points in any room. They bring in light and reveal the view of the outside world. Windows also give us an opportunity to introduce colour and pattern that will flatter the room’s colour scheme and pick up on colours used elsewhere in the room.

According to Mary A. Covert (1930) (Author of “Window Treatment”) Windows should show consistency with one another when viewed from the inside. They should conform in style to the lines of the interior and blend in color tone and texture with walls, floors and furnishings. When well treated, they tend to sink into, rather than obtrude in this interior picture. But a major blunder that one can make here is to treat the window in isolation without taking the rest of the room into account, because the right home decorating window treatment will make any room look a hundred times better. Window treatment guide here offers window covering ideas to be considered every time before treating a window.

Importance of Window Treatment

How to Select The Right Type of Window Treatment?

There are umpteen number of window covering ideas, but how to select the type of window covering that is best suited for your home? There are some window solutions that will only suit certain places. Consider whether the room is mainly to be used during the day or at night; what the room’s purpose is (or various purposes if it serves more than one); and if there are any practical limitations on the type of window covering that would suit the room. In a room, which has direct early morning sunlight, blackout curtains or slatted blinds are the best window covering options; one that is overlooked by other windows will need muslin curtains or net curtains for privacy; and windows opening onto a busy street will soon make curtains grimy so the best window covering option here is to opt for fabric that will not deteriorate with regular washing.

Net curtains as window coverings

Sometimes the view from a window is simply too stunning to conceal – a view of city lights at night, for instance, can be a hundred times better than the same view during the day when it would be better obscured by slatted blinds, which would also soften and filter the light; in such cases selecting modern window treatment idea that meets all the needs gets more shaky. Interior design window treatment for a large picture-window view over a garden or fields will require a unique window covering as it will be the room’s best feature in daylight, but when the very same window can make the inhabitants feel too exposed after dark, thick drapes would make the room feel more intimate. Ruling out the idea of unique window covering as suggested in this window treatment guide is helpful, as this will help to narrow down the window covering options and allow you to focus on the type of window treatment that will look best.

Window with a view

Importance of window treatment guide lies in saving huge money spent on permanent window covering ideas to keep the indoor temperatures comfy with adequate amount of light. So when in doubt, do something creative and temporary while you decide on permanent home decorating window treatment. If there is a curtain rail, then temporarily decorate window treatment by using cotton sheets or saris or with curtain clips.

Temporary window treatments

Subtle Co-Ordination of Interior Design Window Treatment

The over-coordinated home decorating window treatment where the same fabric is used for furnishings and curtains is very outdated and looks as impersonal as a hotel or a furniture showroom. Try picking up a unique window covering theme instead … for instance, sari-style fabric used for curtains and embroidered silk cushions in matching colours, making a link between the furniture and the window treatment. A crochet white lace panel pinned across a window in a simple Mediterranean-style bedroom will echo the lace cloth on a bedside table. Modern window treatment ideas include a bright orange roller blind that will warm up a shaded north-facing window; decorate the window treatment by placing something as simple as a bowl of oranges that will match the colour and balance its brilliance in the room.

Sari style fabric curtains

Simple roller blinds are one of the most economical types of window treatments and are simpler to install than traditional curtains, although they do not provide their warmth. You can buy roller blinds fairly cheaply as kits, or you can even make them yourself. Roller blinds have the added benefit of obscuring only a small part of the window surface. This means that they can be adjusted to allow maximum light into a room when needed; or pulled down to reveal the pattern and provide privacy in the evening.

Roller blinds

Interior design window treatment and window frame colours or curtains should create a perfect frame for a fabulous view – with either a strong contrast as an outline or a harmonious shade to create a natural progression from room to view.

Strong contrast window treatment

In the end, windows should be treated rightly, considering every aspect and not just the window itself. Choosing the right window treatment from several options available can be tricky, but window treatment guide pays off well by saving energy, not burning your pocket and enhancing the room interiors. Go ahead and try out some of the unique window covering ideas provided in this blog, which best fit the windows of your house. Try out these amazing ideas and let us know in the comments, the change in ambience of your home.

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