Wood Furniture Care: Do’s & Don’ts

Fine furniture is a treasured possession in any home, and with good wood furniture care, it can last for generations. Here are the tips which one should know for your wood furniture care!

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01. Hire a professional to polish your wooden furniture minimum once or twice a year.

02. Cleaning wood furniture finish with a diluted mild soap solution is a simple way to get a fresh look instantly.

03. You can yourself polish your wooden furniture at home by mixing lemon oil with three parts of olive oil.

04. Your wood furniture care can be possible by simply placing mats, tablecloth covers which protect dining tables from spills or scrapes.

05. Use wooden coasters (wooden stands) to prevent stains from water rings.

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06. Heat can damage the wood finishes, while serving hot vessels or bowls on the dining table always use a trivet (stand or support for hot vessels) for your wood furniture care!

07. For your wood furniture care, always wipe up the moisture quickly and dry it with a soft cloth.

08. If candle wax drips onto a wooden table, let it cool and harden. Then place an ice cube on the wax for some time. The wax will become brittle. Use a plastic spatula to gently scrape the wax off. Polish table using cream furniture polish and clean cloth.

09. For cleaning wood furniture of candle wax, drip onto your wooden table let it cool and harden. Then place an ice cube on the wax for some time. The wax will become brittle. Use a plastic spatula to gently scrape the wax off. Then polish your table using cream furniture polish and clean cloth.

10. For a quick touch up & your wood furniture care, use a matching colour felt-tip marker pens which will hide the minor scratches and chips better.

11. There are several ways to remove the white stains or rings or spot of hot tea/coffee mug on your table. The least invasive way is to rub it with a mild abrasive (sandpaper), & such as non-gel toothpaste mixed with baking soda or cooking oil mixed with ashes.

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Note: You can rub it on a small spot with your finger or use a soft cloth on larger areas.

12. Keep your ears open for any squeaks, as in the case of a wooden bed; means if the joints are getting loose and need re-gluing, repair, renailing.

13. If a drawer ‘sticks’, rub some paste of wax on the drawer and it will work. If this does not work, the drawer needs repair or is too worn out to be repaired.

14. Glass tabletops actually protect the wooden furniture. Do not let moisture get trapped between the glass and the wood. Therefore raise the glass tabletop with rubber bumpers. This will allow for airspace and let the wood breath.

15. Before using wooden screws, rub a little candle or beeswax or soap on the screw threads and they will move more smoothly.

16. When shopping for new or antique furniture, have a look at the back, inside and undersides of furniture’s drawers/shutters. Many times it tells you more about quality than looking at the “showy” front. The so-called “secondary” woods not work well with its age and the quality of construction.

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01. Don’t use the household cleaners (with ammonia) to clean the wooden furniture.

02. Don’t use the polish that contains silicone or alcohol. Alcohol is the main ingredient and using it can spoil the wood finishes.

03. Don’t place the wooden furniture in direct contact of sunlight, as the sun rays will heat the wood finishes it will get fade and destroy them over a time. Dried wood can shrink and cause cracks.

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