Wood Veneer: All You Would Like to Know!


It is very important to understand the word ‘veneer’ before describing wood veneer. Veneers are a very thin slice of wood which is obtained from a tree log. The main reason they are called wood veneers, that they are the actual slice of wood.
Wood veneer is the finest appearance of wood. While wood veneer is being cut in a very thin layer from tree log whereas solid wood is cut down from the log. Cutting the solid wood produces more waste than cutting wood veneer.

Wood Veneer

There are various reasons to use wood veneer. The most important are that it is economical than using solid wood. Another reason is that wide variety of species is available in veneer than the solid wood. Veneers are mainly used in interior decoration. They are also used in the residential project, hotel and office projects.
Different ranges of veneers in shades, colours and textures are available in the market. The colour of wood veneer is also affected by light in the room and this can give the wood an even warm feel. The colour and pattern may vary with the same wood species. The veneer is available in different types, based on types of wood species, based on matches, based on cut, etc. The veneers have different properties like better sound insulation, colour permanence, etc. The advantage of veneer is that it increases the strength of the wood product and makes it more durable.

The thickness of the veneer is important as it has a major role to determine its durability. More the thickness better is the durability of veneer. The standard thickness of the wood veneer is generally between 1mm to 4mm. The size of wood veneer is generally 2438mm x 1219mm (8’x4’), 1219mm x 3048mm (4’x10’), etc.
The price of wood veneer sheets is always calculated per square foot. It depends on the type of wood species, type of cut and thickness of the veneer sheet. The price of the veneer approximately ranges from Rs.70 – 9000/sq.ft. This range may vary depending on the manufacturers and location.
Wood veneers are produced by local manufacturers as well as by various big brands.
Some standard manufacturers of wood veneer in India are:

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