Ziegler Rugs: An Investment you can Rely on!

Ziegler Rugs

An unconditional requirement that promises ageless beauty and endless comfort in your in house atmosphere are the area rugs. A house is built to delight in personal shelter and enjoy it’s never ending comfort. We are ever ready to devote our time and money for the maintenance of the cozy environment of our home.

Sheer comfort is not enough! We want to keep our home an emblem of beauty, art and design. Advance technology and the ongoing age have added more to this endeavor. We want to achieve luxury and refinement at any cost, so we add numberless finer details in our home. In the outline of those aesthetic pieces, area rugs have won high prestige. These rugs go extra miles to render calm and elegance at the same place. These rugs have captured popularity in the rugs industry on account of their longevity, fine construction and well blending shades.

You already have much awareness about the unique features of area rugs but today we have another intention.

Gharpedia want you to feel the texture, coziness and charm of another genre of rugs- Ziegler rugs. Let’s get to know their unique features.

Origin of Ziegler Rugs

Like Persian rugs, these rugs also came from Iran. However, their designs reflect the scheme of western style that stands out to fit in every home space. Vegetable dyed Ziegler rugs give an attractive pop of colours. These rugs have particularly been designed to nicely fit in the modern as well as traditional interior details.

The rugs earned their name after the names of a tribe or city where they were weaved first. People also call them Peshawar (originally in India, but now in Pakistan) or Chobi rugs interchangeably.

These rugs acquired real fame in 1883 when a German rugs company called Ziegler and Co. was established in England. The company employed expert designers and dexterous craftsmen both from Iran and Europe to weave rugs that represent simple and striking designs.

Shapes & Shades of Ziegler Rugs

The shades and tones of Ziegler rugs are purely veggie pigments. Absolutely natural rugs most often symbolize intricate patterns of ivory or beige shades mingled with pitch dark ambience. The bold background colours like red, brown, yellow, or blue blend well with ivory themes to produce a fascinating appearance in Ziegler rugs.

Brown Ziegler Rugs
Blue Ziegler Rugs

If you visit any online store and search for Ziegler rugs, you will come to know that these rugs are unique in expressing profuse artwork at borders and different floral compositions and curvaceous patterns inside. The rugs bear a feel of aesthetic refinement and sophisticated composure. The rugs look more impressive when continued exposure to the sun more softens their colours.

Wool in Ziegler Rugs

Zielger rugs are crafted with Ghazni or Himalyan wool. This genre of rugs is one of most durable and tenacious rugs that artisans ever design!

These rugs are famous in the US and the surrounding world owing to their soft texture and decent shades.

Construction Fiber in Ziegler Rugs

The lasting feature of Ziegler rugs owes to precious natural fiber ‘wool’. This material always builds inviting and comfy fabrics, and the bright veggie colours add more to their charm. These rugs are occasionally crafted with wool combined with silk to create a glossy and sleek appearance. Pure wool fiber gives rise to timeless Ziegler rugs. The rugs being exceptionally durable can tolerate high traffic in the space. Confidently settle down these rugs in your living room where you all family members tend to live most of your day.

Single variety available in a wide range of styles, colours and patterns. Buy Ziegler rugs right now and complement your inland environment.

Reliable Zone of Ziegler Rugs

This world’s unique variety of Ziegler rugs can be found at many stores including unique rugs store, RugKnots. Visit their online platform and look bundles of Ziegler rugs displayed at different angles in interior spots. For your assistance they also have mentioned the lessened prices so decision making can be easy for you.

We recommend you to observe all the images of Ziegler rugs at online store where they have spread out all stock to make you sure that these rugs can fit well at any locality of your home. Among this huge collection, one Ziegler rug is definitely for your living room. Do visit RugKnots, buy this reliable piece of art from a reliable rugs zone. We feel pleasure to provide sincere guidance to our online customers. US residents can receive this rug at their threshold free of cost, for other countries little more charges for shipment are applied. Most allow returning the piece within 30 days.

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