Find your Celebrity Zodiac Twin with these Zodiac-inspired Celebrity Homes


Finding the perfect style and theme for your home can be extremely difficult. Zodiac home decor is real, and you will be shocked to learn how much your zodiac sign influences your preferences for your home decor. Different zodiac signs need different colours, textures, and styles, whether fire, earth, air, or water. We’ve compiled a list of ideas and styles from zodiac-inspired celebrity homesthat each zodiac sign would love to incorporate into their ideal home. 

Design Ideas from Zodiac-inspired Celebrity Homes

Haven’t we all looked at the celebrity zodiac signs to see which ones match our own? Moreover, how about getting some home decor tips from your zodiac-inspired celebrity homes? Read on!

01. Aries: Playful and Passionate

Because of their playful nature, Aries will most likely choose maximalist décor, leaving a lot of open space. Aries are passionate about what they do, which is why their zodiac sign-inspired decor is likely to be highly personalised. They prefer low-maintenance zodiac interior design and will almost certainly have contemporary pieces to fit their tastes.

Robert Downey Jr.’s playful Hamptons home has a funky makeover to match his experimental preferences and family-friendly vibe. The entrance hall, with bold striped wallpaper, a vivid blue-and-white rug, and contemporary paintings, welcomes you with a blast of colour. Even more vibrant artwork can be found around the living room.

02. Taurus: Artistic and Minimal

Zodiac home décor of Taurus

Taurus natives have an inherently artistic talent. It inspires them to furnish their houses with high-end, handcrafted furniture and stylish furnishings. Taureans love transitional or traditional design styles. They will show off their refined, minimal taste and give their spaces a timeless and welcoming atmosphere that reflects their personalities.

Fellow Taurean Anushka Sharma’s home reflects the same. The bleached walls and light-coloured furniture align with her simplicity and minimalism, yet the expansive view of the Mumbai cityscape shows a level of luxury.

03. Gemini: Expressive and Awe-Inspiring

Gemini is a master of expressions, regardless of their occupation. These types of zodiac signs don’t perform well in depressing environments. They require a stimulating environment with beauty around every corner. Since they are demanding, it can be a challenge to design a Gemini’s home.

They are always seeking new ways to spice things up. Angelina Jolie’s house tells the same story. It has everything to keep you entertained, including a wine cellar, a tea house, expansive pool house, and several bedrooms. The wall-to-wall bookshelf-lined library, garden room, private terrace off the master bedroom, and extensive grounds allow you to live out your Beauty and the Beast Disney fantasies.

04. Cancer: Cozy and Harmony

Cancerians are nostalgic and sentimental. Hence, you will notice many family photos hung on the wall and a plethora of souvenirs around this zodiac sign’s room decor to remind them of joyful times. Cancer appreciates vintage items that have sentimental importance. Hence, the best palette for this sign is warm floral colours, silver, blue, charcoal, and cream. They strive for harmony, simplicity, unpretentiousness, and cosiness in the atmosphere. Cancerians love open floor plans that provide the ideal living environment. 

Meryl Streep’s apartment is a classic example of a Cancerian celebrity zodiac-twin home. It features an open-plan living and dining area with warm walnut floors, a cosy wood-burning fireplace, and a space that could be utilised as a study or den.

05. Leo: Bold and Luxurious

A Leo’s zodiac sign dream house is as regal and loud as themselves. They love to show off their indulgence in the finer things. Their taste and surroundings are anything but simple or minimalist.

Leo loves to bring in expensive materials, glittery touches, and deep, bright colours wherever possible. Kajol Devgan’s apartment attracts attention for its modern and sophisticated aesthetics. The spiral staircase, along with a cascading chandelier, adds elegance to their home interiors.

06. Virgo: Balance and Calm

The Virgo zodiac home decor is clean, precise, and attractive. They don’t want anything outside their zodiac interior design. They strive to keep everything balanced, symmetrical, and harmonious. Virgo’s design style is minimalist, avoiding mismatched or thrift furniture, as they often associate it with chaos. Virgos are proud of their surroundings, which include a keen sense of cleanliness and adequate storage.

This sign prefers to keep its colour palette neutral and prefers earthy tones since they make it feel peaceful and tranquil. Akshay Kumar’s house reflects the same; the home is intimate, dramatic, warm, and earthy all at once. The residence is tastefully designed in muted tones. Like the Buddha outside, its ideal, balanced interiors and art pieces express nothing but calmness.

07. Libra: Upbeat and Eclectic

The Libra zodiac home decor is the epitome of eclecticism. It should be cheerful, upbeat, and romantic at the same time. Since Venus rules Libra, people born under this sign appreciate pricey possessions. Libra yearns for everything to be in its proper place. Earth, fire, water, metal, and wood represent everything in their homes. Furthermore, music, art, and any lovely places they visit should enrich their home decor. 

A Libra wants a home that blends elegance and tranquility despite its appreciation for premium details and textiles. It is reflected in Rekha’s house through her home’s interior and external aspects. She designed her home with a tranquil setting and a calming atmosphere because she enjoys spending time alone in a light and airy setting.

Amitabh Bachchan’s house

Another example is Amitabh Bachchan’s house, which boasts a lovely and well-kept green garden and a bright and airy modern interior with light oak linings on the walls and flooring. This house’s interior is highly exquisite.

08. Scorpio: Depth and Detail

Scorpios aren’t interested in fake decor. They want the real thing, and their zodiac interior design should reflect their honesty and self-awareness. 

Scorpiozodiac sign houses establish a sense of flow and repetition throughout the space, which is connected with depth and eternity. A Scorpio likes his or her house united by one uniform style.

They’ll want their interior design surroundings to reflect their power and intensity. Thus, a deep colour and design theme may appeal to them. The Scorpian celebrity zodiac-twin home of Shahrukh Khan speaks for itself. In stark contrast to the drawing room, the living room reflects some raw materials and appears unfinished. Its dark brick-red hues provide a refined air to the ambience and make it a classic. 

09. Sagittarius: Bohemian and Nature

Sagittarius zodiac signs’ dream house is challenging to define, since they must display everything they adore. Their home must represent their wanderlust. Thus, many artefacts in their home will remind you of foreign cities and civilizations. A Sagittarius with hints of bohemian inclinations will lean towards natural materials and muted colours, such as Moroccan carpets, spiritual sculptures, and other exotic trinkets.

Miley Cyrus’ happy maximalism style demonstrates her zodiac sign room decor exceptionally well, demonstrating that more is more. The house has historic East Coast sensibilities in a modern environment. Like her life, her home decor symbolises bold choices and a risk-taking attitude. 

10. Capricorn: Timeless

Capricorns favour traditional, comfy zodiac interior designbecause they have a timeless sense of taste. Capricorns are drawn to bedroom decor andfurniture with a dignified vibe, such as ample luxury cupboards, leather sofas, or cabinets brimming with crystal or fine china.

Despite this, Capricorns have a solid need for admiring exquisite details. This sign appreciates fine craftsmanship and hand-crafted details.

Hrithik’s gorgeous beach house reveals the same traits. Roche Bobois dominates the living room; a sectional sofa, Simone seats, and a bespoke Jaipur carpet keep the whole design theme luxurious yet super comfortable for his sons to grow in a fun environment.

11. Aquarius: Abstract and Coastal

Aquarius, the water-bearer sign, loves the ocean’s brilliant hues and colours, such as blue, green, violet, and indigo. In addition, their zodiac sign room decor embraces all aspects of living. The design style of Aquarius falls into a more avant-garde style and is unique. They do not shy away from bringing in the latest technology and ever-changing themes.

Aquarius is a sign that also loves graphic prints, so their home will flaunt geometric items, abstract pieces, and other details that help to define a space. Oprah’s Italian-style estate is inspired by the villas surrounding Lake Como in Italy. It features a tennis court with a viewing pavilion, a pool, a reflecting pond, and a two-bedroom guest house.

12. Pisces: Entertaining and Whimsical

Pisces is the zodiac’s 12th and final sign, one of the most compassionate. Pisces are happiest when surrounded by family and friends; the more, the merrier. As a result, they pay additional attention to spaces that host guests. It can mean a huge dining room table with storage for glasses and dishes.

They prefer natural-looking or feel-good objects, in addition to relaxing colours. Aamir Khan’s minimalistic home depicts the taste of a Piscean. A soothing colour palette and light wooden elements give the house a traditional yet modern touch.

Here’s a video to sum up all the points mentioned above:

5 Tips to Match the Decor with Zodiac-inspired Celebrity Homes

01. Find the Right Inspiration:

Inspiration is a powerful tool for achieving any goal. When you’re glancing through your zodiac twins, you’re already on the lookout for ideas. Websites dedicated to interior design based on the zodiac are another source of inspiration. There is a plethora of such websites, and you can always rely on them to supply the most up-to-date design and zodiac home décor trends.

02. Opt for Your Style:

After you’ve done some research on the internet and other sources on your zodiac twin, sit down and imagine the changes you want to make. You must recognise the importance of your style in design. Of course, based on the usefulness of the room and your vision, you can choose different themes for each one based on your preference.

03. Understand the Fabrics:

Fabrics are one of the most popular ways to decorate zodiac signs’ dream houses, yet they may be difficult to work with. You can add and remove accents and hide or highlight objects, floors, and furniture with rugs, sheets, and other items. Too much cloth, in addition to numerous pieces of equipment, might overfill your home.

04. Work with Statement Furniture pieces:

A timeless design tip that can radically transform a zodiac sign room decor is statement furniture items. Pair an armchair with a little thin-legged stool, or combine a giant coloured sofa with a thin-framed coffee table. Whatever furniture combination you choose, make sure there’s enough variance to play with proportion and sizing.

05. De-clutter:

Stylish storage is one of those zodiac home decor concepts that you can quickly incorporate to give your space a professional look. To neatly organise stray goods, use wicker baskets, glass bowls, and metal trays. Use Ottomans and trunks to store blankets or children’s toys while also making a striking statement.

Is this zodiac home decor something you can relate to?

Our zodiac signs are a part of who we are. Astrological indications have appeared in a variety of places, from social media biographies to websites. Each zodiac sign has a distinct set of personality traits from the others. Some may dismiss this as nonsense, but if you work with zodiac interior design to dig deeper into your star sign, you might be shocked by what you discover!

When your surroundings reflect your actual cosmic essence, you become calmer.


1. How can Sagittarians design their zodiac sign-inspired houses?

Plants and other organic elements are dear to Sagittarius’ zodiac strategy and will give the home a dynamic and fresh feel. Greenery enhances air quality while also improving mood and productivity. Greenery can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Plants in large pots
  2. Baskets hung from the ceiling
  3. Terrariums
  4. Succulents
  5. bouquets
  6. Trees in pots

2. What should Aries include in their homes?

Aries like all shades of red in their homes. Other hues to consider are orange and yellow. They also prefer bold statement furniture pieces to keep their excitement alive. Furthermore, they also need ample space to spread their playful nature.

3. How to Design a Comfortable Home for Cancerians?

Cancerians are drawn to water and beach-related colours such as blue, aqua, white, and beige. Their home is their refuge; therefore, it’s filled with things that make them feel comfortable, such as images of family and friends. You could notice evidence of Cancerian nostalgia in old photos, family heirlooms, and other items.

4. How can I decorate my room based on my zodiac sign within my budget?

Decorating your home according to your zodiac doesn’t always have to involve revamping the entire house. You can upgrade the theme with minimal items such as plants and artwork.

5. Is zodiac sign-themed home decor trending?

Zodiac sign-theme home decor helps you go beyond the trends. You can personalise it to fit your needs and wants and be unique.

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