What are the Casement Windows?

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Windows are one of the most important elements of the house. The windows not only give a good look but also give fresh air and ventilation in the house. Windows allow light into the room, enhance your wall colours or furniture. It provides solar heating in the winter, insulation against heat loss and in some cases against sound. Many different types of windows are used in the house.

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French Casement Steel Window
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Any hinged window which may swing out or swing in like doors is termed as casement windows. It should be noted that the side hinged opening part of the window consisting of glass panes or panels is known as casement and windows made of these parts are called casement windows. The constructions of casement windows are similar to doors construction.

The shutters of casement windows are open like doors. Casement windows are secure, energy-efficient and attractive. It consists of a frame, stiles, horizontal rails and panels or glass panes with sash bar. The panels may be glazed, unglazed or partly glazed.

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Extension hinges are used to make the sash swing clear of the inside surface of the wall. Casement windows are available in single or multiple frames and are a useful option when inside space is limited.

If there is a double or treble window, there are mullions and transoms. The window frame is generally square or rectangular in shape, made of metal or wood consisting of a sill at the bottom. One of the most popular places for casement windows is on each side of a bay window, as long as there is enough space for them to open comfortably.

Casement windows are easy to open as compared to other types of windows. They are available in a variety of colours and designs. The casement window sizes depend on the location of the windows.

Casement windows are great for letting in cool air when you need it. It is a great addition to increase the attractiveness of your home and provides a beautiful, sunny area to your home.

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