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During construction, major problem is storage of cement. The cement plays a crucial role in construction. Cement should be stored very carefully otherwise it may absorb moisture from the atmosphere and might be useless for concrete work.

In monsoon, there are chances of damages cement bags because of rain. We cannot stack cement bags on the ground level because rainwater may enter in stacking area and cement bags may get damaged. To prevent or avoid these damages contractor or owner store the cement bags on the upper floor. Cement can be stored on upper storey  in a very limited way. The design of upper storey slab however should be checked.

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Generally, while designing slab of the upper story, live load (Imposed load) is considered as2KN/m2as per IS 875-1987 part 2. It simply means we are allowed to apply approximately 200 kg of load on one square meter of the slab. Hence, stacking total of four bags of cement per one square meter is allowed. Hence if you consider storing one bag over other you cannot store more than two bags one over the other.

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Standard size of a 50 kg cement bag is 0.75m x 0.50m x 0.145m.The area of one cement bag is 0.375 m2.Therefore, approximately we can arrange two bags in a single stack in one square meter area (0.375 X 2= 0.75). So the total mass of two bags is 100kg. Now stacking other two 50 kg of cement bag on the single stack, it will make the total mass of 200 Kg. So the total load acting on one square meter of the slab will be 200 X 0.00981=1.98 ≈2 KN/m2.

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