Way to Check the Quality of Mosaic Tiles at the Site!

Mosaic tiles floor is traditional flooring for residential and public buildings.They are made of materials like glass, porcelain, and ceramic. They are normally available in 10’’x10’’ or 12’’x12’’ sizes and they can be squares or even in odd shapes.

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Installing mosaic tiles is a classic and elegant way to finish a floor. A concrete base is prepared, and cement mortar is spread over it to a depth of 5 to 8 cm. The leveled area over which this is spread is restricted to a suitable working period so that the cement mortar may not get dried before the floor is finished. Let’s discuss the mosaic tiles quality at the site.

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Mosaic Tiles Quality Check:

  • The dimension should be as per actual specified size and tolerance on length and breadth should not be exceeding 1mm and tolerance on thickness should not be exceeding 3mm.
  • Good quality mosaic tiles should always be uniform in colour throughout.
  • Mosaic tiles quality should be checked for diagonals and it should be exactly similar in both diagonals. Top surface should be checked for straightness, and it should be straight. The thickness of the top layer should not be less than 6 mm and corner should not bend.
  • Water absorption of mosaic tiles should not exceed 10% of its dry weight when kept immersed in water for 24 hours. This test is used to determine the degree of maturation of the tile body or for evaluating structural properties that may be required during installation.
  • The top surface should be checked, and it should be smooth, and edges should be sharp. It should not have been chipped off.
  • They should be monitored for appearance, and they should be free from cracks, cavities. They should be scratched resistance.
  • A lot of mosaic tiles should be checked, and it should be marked with a band of the reference colour.

Affordable mosaic tiles are preferred for their beauty against many of the other man-made materials, and the best thing about mosaic tiles is that they are cost effective. They are specifically different from other tiles because of their durability, beauty, and non-slip quality.

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