Why is that the Cost Always Goes up While Buying Flat?

The builder/developer offers lowest possible price to be and to look competitive as compared to nearby projects in vicinity. To minimize the cost, he would give only basic minimum facilities and materials of ordinary brand. So while buying flat you might have to spend extra for additional amenities and to have material of better and popular brands. If there are no clarifications of such amenities from day one, either you will enter into disputes or you will end up paying more to the builder.

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Buying Flat
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The builder’s brochure may describe that he will provide tiles of basic rate of Rs. 30.00 per sq.ft. and you may not like such tiles. But when do you like and select tiles which may cost around Rs. 50.00 per sq.ft., you will have to pay extra at Rs. 20.00 per sq.ft. for better quality of tiles.

In all such cases the basic rate of materials which the builder is going to provide should be discussed from day one, so that when you finalize materials as per your choice, you know very well how much extra you will have to spend or how much deduction you are entitled.

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The list of such items is given here in for general guidance.

What builder generally provide

But you might want to provide


Builder may provide painting which may consist of either whitewash, colourwash or distemper You may like to provide matt finish of acrylic paint You will have to pay extra / additional rate i.e. difference of rate between matt finish paint and whitewash
He may provide flooring tiles of say basic rates say Rs. 30.00 per sq.ft. You would like to provide tiles, say of Rs. 50.00 per sq.ft. You will have to pay Rs. 20.00 per sq.ft. extra / additional for area of the floor.
He may provide dado upto 3 ft only  in toilets You may like to provide dado for full height upto 7 ft to 8 ft You will have to pay for additional area of 4 to 5 ft height
He may provide standing kitchen platform of polished kota stone You may like to have it in granite You will have to pay the difference in rate of granite and polished stone plus difference in labour rate
He may not provide dado of tiles against standing kitchen platform as well as storage rack below platform You may need to provide both You will have to pay extra/ additional for such area of tiles as well as for storage reasons
The number of light points may be 2 or 3 per room or as minimum possible You may need to provide more number of light points You will have to pay extra / additional for each no. of points
The make and brand of fixtures like bib cock, washbasin, WC pan might have not been mentioned You may now need to provide fixtures of reputed brands The difference in cost of such material has to be paid. But in absence of basic rate this may lead to problem / dispute.
Similarly electrical fixtures may not be branded You prefer to have fixtures of reputed brand You will have to pay extra / additional cost for such brands.
He may not provide windows grills, curtain rods etc. You may like to have the same You will have to pay extra / additional cost for such items.
He may not provide water proofing in toilets as well as on terrace You may like to have the same You will have to pay additional rate for water proofing in toilet / terrace as applicable
The builder may or may not provide appliances like lamps, fans, geyser, R/O plant, cable connection You will like to have the same You will have to pay additional for such item

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