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Data Collection For “Nearby Professionals” Module

An opportunity to earn around Rs. 10,000 to 25,000 per month by just collecting data and uploading on website from your locality.

  • It is a part-time/full-time job for the individuals who wants to work on their convenient time.
  • Anyone can participate, whether it is male or female (must be above 18 years of age). Even students can also participate.
  • You will visit professionals / vendors in your nearby locality and you will have to collect their data as required to highlight their strength, specialization etc.
  • The training will be given about the work program including objects of gharpedia.
  • You will be collecting the data of professionals by your own means of transportation as per your conveniences.
  • You will be paid based on either number of person’s data that you collect or make their online profile.
  • You will have to upload the collected data on our database; You will be given your individual login credentials. All uploaded data will be monitored by gharpedia team.
  • Our team member will then verify the data by calling to professionals / vendors. Only there after you will be eligible for remuneration / payment.
  • You can earn more money by exploring your communications skills.

What one has to do?

  • You will have to meet all Professionals. Architects, Interior Designers, etc, and Vendors like Retailors, Material Manufacturers, Packers & Movers, etc. (All related to house and Construction Industry) – Detailed list is available on
  • The Individual has to explain the professional about What Gharpedia is! About why Nearby professionals (Listing) and Best Home Designs and convince them to make their profile listed on our Nearby professionals – section of Gharpedia.
  • You will have to take consent of professionals / vendors to publish their profile online and upload their data, photos / videos etc., on Gharpedia – Nearby Professionals section.
  • Once they agree, few initial data required to be collected by the individuals are given below: (See immediate data below)
Listing Flyer 2
  • It is very easy to collect data as the silver profiles are totally free for all professionals / vendors anywhere in the world.
  • You will have to travel to various locations including distant one for data collection.

Skills Required:

  • You should be “Digital” friendly
  • You should be ready to work on field
  • You should be talkative
  • You should have good communication skills
  • You should have language fluency including local language
  • You should have positive attitude to meet deadlines
  • You should have passion for collecting data, efficiency and accuracy
  • You should be Flexible, open-minded, and able to easily adapt to new challenges

Payment methods:

  • You will be paid Rs. 40 for the data you have collected for each Silver (free) profile.
  • One who collects and sends data of more than 10 professionals per day, he/she will be given 20% bonus for that particular day on day to day basis. Provided you work minimum 25 days / month.
  • If you bring or convince the professionals for Paid profiles (i.e. Platinum+ Plus, Platinum or Gold) you will be paid 20% commission irrespective of the district/city and Category of Professional.
  • For paid profiles our price range is between INR 2,000 to 80,000 depending upon the package i.e. Platinum Plus, Platinum or Gold, and will also vary based on district/city, and category of Professional.
  • If any vendor or professional gives 10 silver (Free) profile entries from his own contacts, either with their consent or talking to them, then he/she will get 6 months subscription for Gold profile free.
  • The payment will be given on the monthly basis or on crossing the threshold of 50 profile data.

You can work in any city / district of India. However, right now the appointments will be made in :

  • Ahmedabad
  • Mumbai
  • Pune
  • Surat
  • Indore
  • Bangalore
  • Hyderabad

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