Difference between Column & Shear Wall

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Both concrete column and shear wall are part of structural system but every vertical element cannot be a concrete column or a shear wall. The nomenclatures depend upon the structural behavior of the member in that particular case.




  • Ratio of breadth/width < 0.4
  • Ratio of breadth/width > 0.4
  • Concrete columns minimum width should be 200 mm as per Indian Standard. However many codes prefer it be of 300 mm for seismic resistant.
  • Shear wall minimum width should be 150 mm as per Indian Standard.
  • Concrete columns are less resistant to Earthquake as compared to shear wall.
  • Shear wall is hugely resistant to Earthquake as compared to Column.
  • Normally concrete columns are provided at ends of the room as per structural plan.
  • Shear walls run along the full length of walls.
  • Concrete columns cross-section can be square, rectangle, circular, I shape, L shape.
  • Shear wall cross section is like a vertically oriented wide beam.
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  • Minimum steel in RCC Column as per different codes:

(a) Indian Standard – 0.80%.

(b) American Standard – 1.0 %

(c) British Standard – 0.4 %

  • Minimum steel in RCC Shear as per different codes:

(a) Indian Standard – 0.25%.

(b) American Standard – 0.25%

(c) British Standard – 0.4 %

  • Clear surface is not possible as column offset are seen at corners.
  • Clear surface without any offset is possible.
  • Normally consumption of concrete is less when compared to shear wall system.
  • Normally consumption of concrete is more when compared to beam column system.
  • Normally more consumption of bricks/blocks.
  • Normally less consumption of bricks/blocks.
  • From an aesthetic point of view column is not as good as shear wall.
  • From an aesthetic point of view shear wall is better than column.
  • Beam-Column System is more efficient and preferred for low rise structure.
  • Shear wall system is more efficient for high rise structure.
  • Finished corners are not possible.
  • Finished corners are possible.
  • Provision of openings for door/window in column system is easy.
  • Provision of openings in shear wall system is tedious and needs special design skills.
  • Less carpet area is available as compared to shear wall.
  • More carpet area is available as compared to column beam system.
  • Needs skills for the placement of concrete column.
  • Needs advanced skills for its placement because if not kept at proper location it may lead to adverse effect.
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