Different Parts of a Door Frame

The door frame consists of an assembly of horizontal and vertical members which are placed at the top, bottom and sides of an opening so as to form an enclosure providing support for a door. Generally door frame is made of wood. However, nowadays granite, marble, metal, aluminium, etc. are also popular.

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The various parts of a door frame which is used in connection with door are head, jamb, horn, sill, holdfasts, etc.

The Main Parts of a Door Frame are:

01. Head:

The head is the top horizontal member of the frame.

02. Horn:

It is a horizontal projection of the top and bottom member of the frame to facilitate the fixing of the frame in the wall opening. The length of the horn is kept about 10 to 15 cm.

03. Jamb:

The door jamb is the vertical wall face of a door opening which supports the door frame. It is the vertical portion of the door frame onto which a door is secured. If you want to open your door properly, door jamb is important.

04. Holdfasts:

These are the mild steel flat bars that are used to hold the frame in position. These bars are generally band into z-shape and fixed on one end to the frame and other end is embedded in the wall. The horizontal length of hold fast is 20 cm. Generally, minimum 3 holdfasts on each side of the door are recommended. They should be properly painted before fixing.

05. Rebate:

It is a depression or recess made all around the door frame, on one side of which the door shutter is fixed by the means of hinges. The rebate cut is usually 12mm wide and of depth equal to the thickness of the shutter. Door rebates or rabbets are associated with door jambs, the vertical sides of a door frame.

06. Threshold:

This is a cross wooden piece fixed to the floor under a door frame which forms the sill and may be provided, if required.

07. Transom:

It is a horizontal member of a frame, which is employed to sub-divide a door opening horizontally.

08. Mullion:

It is a vertical member of frame, which is employed to sub-divide a door vertically.

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Door frame provides the needed support for a door. Therefore the door frames are important parts of a door which provides security and safety to our house.

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