Direct Water Supply System v/s Indirect Water Supply System

Water is used to carry out various activities in a house. Water supply system makes water available at various appliances in a house.

Domestic water supply system in a house can either be direct or indirect.



01. Principle

All appliances of a house are directly connected to main supply line of Municipality/city government/ supply company. Only kitchen sink and storage tank is connected to main supply line. All other appliances are fed with water from the storage tank on terrace of the house.

02. Water Quality

Better water quality as water directly comes after treatment. Water quality is affected as water is stored in storage tanks and then supplied to appliances.

03. Water Pressure

Water directly comes from main, it has high pressure and sometimes a pressure reducing valve is required to save from damage due to higher pressure. In order to get sufficient pressure, water storage tank has to be at some height, which is not always achieved and hence the user on the floor just below suffer from lower pressure, due to which shower, flush, etc. do not work efficiently.

04. Pipe Network

Water enters house from main supply pipe and is branched off to all fixtures and hence less length and cost. Water enters house from main supply pipe and is branched off to kitchen sink and water storage tank either overhead or underground. Then all other fixtures receive water from storage tank.

05. Maintenance

Requires less maintenance compared to indirect water supply system. Tanks (overhead at some level/underground with pumps) require regular maintenance, cleaning, protection from UV rays.

06. Water Supply

01. Water supply is continuous throughout day. If water supply is only for certain period of time in a day, it is cumbersome, as user would be without water for certain time of day.

02. If main supply pipe is damaged, whole water supply of house will have to be stopped till it is repaired.

01. Once water is stored in storage tank it can be used at any hour of a day i.e (24 x 7) supply, but a definite storage capacity is needed.

02. In case if any pipe is damaged only that fixture water supply is stopped. Rest fixtures gets water supply from tank.

07. Wastage

More water is wasted compared to indirect water supply system. Minimal wastage of water.

08. Leakages

Pipes may leak due to high pressure water flowing through them. Chances of water leakages from water storage tank.

09. Economy

Economical as less pipe works and no storage tanks. Extra cost of pipes and tanks, which is substantial.

10. Capacity of Pumps at Source

Huge pressure i.e high capacity pumps are required to reach upper stories. Moderate pressure will do, as water will be supplied only at ground level.

11. Bottom Line

Direct water supply system is most common in developed countries like America and European countries. Whereas, developing countries like India, Pakistan and other Asian, African countries opt for indirect water supply system.
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