Does the Shade of Cement Affects the Quality or the Strength?

Technically, ‘No’.

Cement is a composite material. It is manufactured from the various raw materials such as lime stone, silica, alumina, iron oxide etc. which are found naturally from clay or shale.

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The quality of cement doesn’t depend upon the shade of the cement. It mainly depends upon the raw materials used and quality control measures adopted during its manufacturing process. The raw materials interact with each other in the kiln and form more complex compound during manufacturing process.

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Usually, cement gets its colour from the nature & colour of its raw materials used, which will be different from factory to factory because source of raw materials i.e. minor would be different. It may also differ in the different batches of cement produced in a same factory, too.

Shades of Cement
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Normally the colour of ordinary Portland Cement is greenish gray. In blended cement, various pozzolana materials (such as fly ash, slags , rice husk ash, micro silica etc.) are added in replacement of quantity of cement to achieve higher strength and to use disposable by-products which otherwise harms the environment. The pozzolana materials are also artificial as well as naturally available by-products and they all also differ based on its different sources .Therefore, shade of blended cement also differs based on sources of the pozzolana materials.

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Furthermore, the colour of the finished concrete is also affected by the colour of the aggregates, and to a lesser extent by the colour of the cement. Preference for any cement on the basis of colour alone is therefore technically misplaced. Though colour of the cement has hardly to do anything with strength of either cement or mortar and concrete.

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