How to File a Home Insurance Claim?

If you are unfortunate to get hit by some natural calamity or an accident to your house, you should as early as possible inform the insurance company or an agent from whom you bought the policy.

Almost every insurance company is having its own deadline within which you have to inform about your loss. These can vary between 7-15 days. Hence make sure you do it as soon as possible. Some companies even let you do with an email or SMS. Telephonic information will not be entertained. You have to lodge it in writing.

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If you have insured your house against the natural or manmade calamities and if you are hit by the same the loss will not be paid automatically. You will have to follow a defined policy of insurance company to settle your claim. First and foremost thing is to inform the company and register the claim.

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Before you file a claim, you will have to lodge a FIR and the copy of which you need to submit to the insurance company. Apart from FIR report, the other documents which you need to submit are-

  • Fire brigade report, if in case of a fire
  • Medical Officer’s Certificate for death or disability, in the case of loss of life or disability.
  • Investigation reports by police
  • Suppliers original invoice for replacement for various contents of your house
  • Invoices of owned articles, if any
  • Repair estimates
Building Inspector Filming for Repair Estimation
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FIR is a must. Now in many states, you can register it online also.

Note: This is an indicative list and you may be asked to submit other documents at the time of claim settlement depending upon the insurance company, circumstances of calamity and your policy.

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