Flat Roof: All You Need to Know

The basic object of the house is to provide shelter. The roof is the most important element of the house which provides shelter from natural calamities i.e. wind, heat, rain, snow etc. When you construct your dream house, choosing the right type of roof is more important.

There are Two Main Types of Roofs People Uses for Their House:

01. Flat Roof

02. Sloping Roof

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A roof is defined as flat when its plane is finished at a slope of 1° to 5° to the horizontal. That slope of flat roof is given in one or more direction from centre so the rain water can efficiently and smoothly drained off to ground.

The shallow slope to flat roof is necessary to encourage rainwater to flow towards rainwater gutter or outlet and to avoid ponding. Where there is no slope or fall or a very shallow slope it is possible that rainwater may not get drained from the roof.

Flat roof construction is either in reinforced cement concrete, Reinforced brick work and precast concrete, etc. This material used in flat roof should have durability, fire resistance, thermal insulation, lower dead load and high speed of construction. These types of roofs are flat from both sides so, it doesn’t need any false ceiling.

The strength and stability of a flat roof depend on adequate support from wall or column and Beam. Flat roof can easily cover a building of any horizontal dimension.

Flat roof has high initial cost but construction and maintenance of flat roof is simpler than other types of roofs. A Flat roof construction provides better light and ventilation. Flat Roof can have good insulation properties. Flat roof can withstand with almost all the climates condition such as in hot climates, flat roof keep out the heat from rooms during day time and in cold climates they keep the cold out.

The Flat roof as a terrace roof can be used for several purposes, such as, an outdoor living room in residential buildings, a place for celebrating functions, roof- garden, drying yards, play- grounds,kite flying,Evening walk etc.

In flat roof, the construction of upper floor can be readily and easily taken up when necessity of upper floor arises. While the same cannot be done in case of sloping roof.

Good waterproofing and adequate height of parapet are must to prevent to leakage and safety and security respectively. One must also make adequate provision of lighting (power) on terrace and also water for occasionally cleaning.

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