Polyester Resin

Feb 01, 2017

Polyester resin is synthetic resin made from polyhydric alcohol and a polybasic acid or anhydride and often dispersed in monomer. They are differentiated in two types.

01. Unsaturated Polyester Resin:

An unsaturated polyester made by condensa­tion between polyhydric alcohol and a polybasic acid or anhydride which must include an unsaturated acid or anhy­dride and may also contain some monobasic acid. In prac­tice, such polyester is dissolved in an unsaturated monomer such as a styrene and immediately before use an activator and an accelerator are added. The composition reacts to form a bard tough film, no loss of solvent by evaporation being necessary.

02. Saturated Polyester Resin:

A condensation product of saturated polybasic acids or anhydrides with polyols and may also contain monobasic acid.

Polyester Resin

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