10 Qualities of a Good Clay Bricks

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Clay Bricks are one of the oldest building materials. Clay bricks are the most popular and leading building materials because it is cheap, durable and easy to handle and to work with. Clay bricks are used for exterior walls, partitions, piers, footings and other load bearing structures.

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Some qualities of good quality bricks are described below:

01. Brick Earth:

Brick earth should be free from stones, kankars, organic matter, saltpetre and harmful chemical etc.

02. Size:

The bricks should have a uniform size, plain, rectangular surfaces with parallel sides and sharp straight edges. Whatever bricks are used for construction but the bricks should be regular and uniform in size. Good bricks should not exceed 3 mm tolerances in length and 1.5 mm tolerances in width and height.

Standard size of brick is 190 x 90 x 90 mm

03. Shape:

Good bricks should be uniform in shape. Edges of bricks should be sharp, straight and at a right angle.

04. Colour of Brick:

Good brick should be well burnt and should have uniform copper colour. Over burnt and under burnt bricks losses uniformity of colour on its surface and its strength. Good quality bricks should always be of uniform colour throughout.

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05. Soundness:

Well burnt brick should give a metallic sound when struck with a hammer or another brick.

06. Hardness:

The brick should be so hard that when scratched by a finger nail no impression is made.

07. Strength:

The Compressive strength of brick should be minimum 3.5 N/mm2 as per IS code.

08. Texture and Compactness:

The surfaces of brick should not be too smooth to cause slipping of mortar. The brick should have precompacted and uniform texture. A fractured surface should not show cracks, holes, grits or lumps of lime.

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09. Water Absorption:

Water absorption of good brick should not exceed 20 percent of its dry weight when kept immersed in water for 24 hours.

10. Frog in Brick:

Brick should have a proper frog so that the mortar can be properly filled in the frog. The size of frog should be 100 mm in length, 40 mm in width and 10 mm depth.


Clay bricks have been used all over the world in every class and kind of buildings. Good quality bricks have the capacity to resists atmospheric effects. In places where plenty of clay is available, brickwork is cheaper. But nowadays natural soil is scared and hence we have to find alternative building materials instead of clay bricks like as fly ash brick, AAC block, drywall etc.

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