Blog Writing Competition – Summer – 2019

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Blog Writing Competition

Welcome to the “Blog Writing Competition” at India level. We would like to get connected with the like-minded and passionate hearts for Creatively writing. At Gharpedia we are organising a competition which is open for all construction field related students of the colleges and universities. We are delighted to announce, the 46 prizes, and the maximum of 450 prizes, including consolation prize will be distributed for publications. The article writing competition is open for submissions from 11 weeks from 1st May 2019 to 15 July 2019. is designed, developed owned and maintained by a team of young professional owned Architects, Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Environmental Engineers as well as Interior Designers, Landscape Architects, Construction Managers etc. The team is a part of Sthapati Designers & Consultants Pvt. Ltd., which is a multi-disciplinary consulting organization established in 1979 having a national presence.

As our Competition goes from strength to strength, we look forward to receiving your submissions.


    • The content should be original of your own and should not be a “copy-paste” exercise. However, you may refer to data online as well as from other reference books and journals. The participants are advised to check content for plagiarism on software (available free online & attached a screenshot). The participants are also advised to check the correctness of English grammar on “Grammarly” software (freely available).
    • It is expected that the blog/content should technically be correct and at the same time its language should be creative, appealing and should be free from grammatical mistakes.
    • The language should be easy and simple so that it is understood by a layman or a housewife.
    • It would be appreciated if the real-life photographs are used as images. If you have taken free images from the internet, also mentioned the Url as a reference underneath the image.

    The Blog (article) must be:

    • The theme should be on “Home” i.e. Ghar, the article should not get deviated from the basic theme. It should not deal with other faculties of Civil engineers or architecture.
    • The topic must be of common man’s interest and should not be very technical / or academic in nature.
    • It may be related to designing, construction, materials, interior design, repairs, maintenance, green materials, landscaping, buying-selling –renting the house, obtaining finance for a house etc.
    • The blog should have minimum 1000 words.
    • The similar blog (article) or a similar topic should not have been published on The participants are requested to visit the site and study the same.
    • Blogs containing detailed mathematics, abstract theories or very very scientific in nature shall not be accepted. The language should be simple.
    • The blog (article) should be submitted on e-mail latest by 15-07-2019.
    • We can allow a maximum of two authors to write one single article. There are a few points you need to take care of:

    (a) The main author has to get registered; his/her name would be published (if selected) on the top of the article & co-author name would be published at the end of an article. Make sure that you write both author names in your word file.

    (b) Prices shall have to divide equally between two as per your mutual understanding.

    (c) Only one Certificate will be issued with both, Main author & Co-author.

    • The bonafide students of all Engineering colleges (Degree, Diploma, Post graduation, Research etc.).
    • Students of Architectural colleges.
    • Students of Interior Design colleges
    • Students of MBA: They can write on Buy-Sell Rent, legal and contracts, and Housing finance related to a loan for home buyer/seller etc.
    • Students of Law: They can also write on Buy-Sell Rent, legal and contracts, and Housing finance related to the loan.
    • All Faculty can also write articles as a guest author. They are not entitled to participate in the competitions. The interested faculty can get registered by clicking on the link below.

    The prizes are as follows:

    RankAmountNo. of PrizesMin. no. of Articles
    1 st PrizeRs. 21,000/-15
    2 nd PrizeRs. 15,000/-25
    3 rd PrizeRs. 11,000/-35
    4 th PrizeRs. 7,500/-54
    5 th PrizeRs. 5,000/-104
    ConsolationRs. 1,500/-252
    *All ArticlesRs. 500/-

    *Selected for Publications – No Limit

    • For being eligible for 1 st prize one has to submit a minimum 5 Nos. of articles (All 5 article must be accepted under defined rules).
    • For being eligible for 2 nd & 3 rd prize one has to submit a minimum 5 Nos. of articles (All 5 article must be accepted under defined rules).
    • For being eligible for 4 th & 5 th prize one has to submit a minimum 4 Nos. of articles (All 4 article must be accepted under defined rules).
    • For being eligible for consolation prizes one has to submit minimum 2 Nos. of articles (All 2 article must be accepted under defined rules).
    • The jury/panel of judges shall be appointed by and the decision of the jury shall be final.
    • No correspondence or any representations shall be entertained on the same.
    • All articles which are published on, shall be aid Rs. 500/- per article.
    • Only those articles shall be paid who are published.
    • There shall be maximum 46 prizes, including consolation prizes and maximum 450 articles shall be selected for publications. If the response received is too large than the last date of submission of articles or the closing date may be proponded, which will be declared on the website of
    • If no entries are found worth publishing then no prize shall be awarded.
    • The future copyright for all the blogs (articles) published on the website shall remain with The participants shall have no rights over the same in future.
    • The and its editorial team reserve the right to edit and to add/edit the content of the articles submitted.
    • If any participant had copied the content of another participant, then the first submitted article will be accepted.
    • Gharpedia have right to combine the articles and edit it to a single article. In the footer section of the website, we will write the names of a participant whose articles we have combined.
    • Participants can add value to their resume, whose article is published on gharpedia.

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