Richa Parmar

Richa Parmar is an Architect by profession & blogger by choice. She gained her B-Arch degree since 2014. She leads the team Gharpedia. She is a Sr. Manager – Architect at SDCPL. She is a senior editor and also a core member of Editorial Team. She looks after Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape, Vaastu, & Best Home Design sections of Gharpedia, apart from overall supervision. Passionate in the field of designing & creativity, she loves doing researching in her field & implements the same in her all work. Apart from writing, she loves painting, reading & travelling. You can reach her at LinkedInFacebookTwitterInstagramPinterestQuora & Medium.

रसोईघर के कार्य त्रिकोण की लंबाई - स्टोव, सिंक, और रेफ्रिजरेटर (फ्रिज)
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