Ideal Paint for Exterior Surface

Exterior paint is used to paint an exterior surface of the wall. In Exterior paint, the resins need to be softer so that they can survive the temperature changes and ill effects due to exposure to moisture. They are meant to be flexible. So they can withstand the temperature variations during the day. It should be tougher and capable of resisting peeling and chipping. It also has to resist water hence it is made waterproof.

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Exterior surface is exposed to all types of varying weather conditions. It is therefore required to provide protection against ultraviolet radiation of the sun as well as fungal growth and dampness during the rains. Exterior paints are therefore made to combat mildew as well as fading. Further, they have to be fade resistant as they face very high temperatures and UV radiation.

Exterior paints also include many additives like pesticides and fungicides. It releases more VOC as it cures, making it unsafe for indoor use. Exterior paint can be applied to a variety of substrates simply by changing the sheen. In the rainy season, Exterior paint of your house acts as a sponge absorbing small amounts of water on the wall surface. The flat paint allows the water to escape without bubbling your paint.

Most of the manufacturers make 2 to 3 categories of exterior paints under different “brand names. Though all paint brands are technically same and recommended for exterior surfaces, then why are there 2 or 3 different paint brands with different prices. In our opinion, there is minor variation in material chemistry, which alters its prices. If it is so, how does it affect its quality. In our opinion, one of the low grade or lower price have less life (i.e. you will have to repaint early), it may take more time in drying, and are not easily washable as compared to high priced paints.

In India, There are various products available for the exterior surface in different ranges and under different paint brands. Some of the typical products of few companies are listed below.

Sr No.

Manufacturer’s Name

Product Name

Recommend Area

Grade Value

01.  Asian Paints Professional Premium Exterior Emulsion Exterior High
Professional Premium Exterior Emulsion Matt Exterior High
Tractor Emulsion Advanced Exterior High
Professional Endurance Emulsion Exterior Medium
Ace Exterior Emulsion Exterior Low
Apex weatherproof Emulsion Exterior Medium
Apex Ultima Exterior High
Apex Ultima Protect Exterior High
02.  Dulux Paints Dulux Promise Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Exterior Low
Dulux Weather Shied  Max Exterior High
Premium Exterior Emulsion with Silicon Technology Exterior Medium
Premium Gloss Enamel Paint Exterior Medium
03.  Berger Paints Weather Coat all Guard Exterior High
Weather Coat Smooth Exterior Medium
Walmasta Exterior Low
04. Nerolac Paints Excel Rain Guard Exterior High
Excel Total Exterior High
Excel Anti Peel Exterior Medium
Nerolac Impressions Water Based Enamel hi-gloss Exterior High
05. Shalimar Paint Self Clean Exterior High
Extra Premium 100% Acrylic Exterior Emulsion Exterior Low
Super Shaktiman Exterior Low
Superlac Satin Finish Enamel Exterior High

All, these products are made highly durable and have high-quality coating designed for superior performance for exterior substrates.

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