Importance of Furniture & Lifestyle for Children Bedroom

Importance of Bedroom:

Nowadays, Concept of children bedroom is being changed. Bedroom is playing an important role as a heart in homes. One third of the people’s life is spent in their bedroom. Bedroom is no longer a room for only sleeping, in fact a room becomes a place whose use has been extended by the other activities like reading, playing games, conversation, work, enjoying television or video, music, etc. the new customs and leisure have taken over in the bedroom and this is reflected in the furniture. Ideally to make lifestyle easy, enjoyable & comfortable, you need to design furniture accordingly.

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Concept for developing bedroom environment for children:

Following are points which should be considered for bedroom environment:

Children live by right brain e.g. imagination. Hence, wherever you deal with children, you must work through and manage their work through right brain. These equally apply to children bedroom & furniture too.

The room’s environment & its furniture should ideally be the “take off” ground for enlarging children’s imagination.

  • Built Environment:

Young children are so imaginative in their own spheres of actions. Children use the built environment in an amazingly different manner than adults. Children may perceive their environment realistically as a necessity or an experience, but their use of environment depends on their unlimited imagination. For example, a child may use it just like a play material as the designer never planned. Built environment should give opportunity to them to live in, learn in, and play in and to make their own decisions. Otherwise, they will find out ways against the limitation with their imagination. Children are often able to adapt themselves to the existing environment and change the environment according to their desires.

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  • Softness:

A soft and responsive physical environment is important; it will help children to feel more secure. The younger the child and the longer the day, more importance should be given to softness and comfort.

  • Security:

Children should feel secured in the places where they can relax safely. Nothing is more important than ensuring that child feels secure in a bedroom. If it is not giving a feeling of security, than they will not like to spend their time in bedroom.

  • Safety:

Safety involves use and context of the equipments. Equipments and materials should be continuously monitored for repair, and safe use. It may happen that elements may work in one context and may be unsafe for another. A thing which we are going to use either it is space, furniture or any element should be flexible in usage. Each element should be so designed that it does not create any physical injury or other bodily harms.

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  • Privacy:

Children as well as adults have their own certain areas or territories within the home. Children need places to watch from and to hold back in particular place. A home environment also is organized by sets of social rules and regulation on the interaction among the users of the home.

  • Order:

To make an environment more comprehensive and functional to children, order is required. A planned complexity is necessary for an environment rich enough to challenge, and not so complex to frustrate.

  • Design:

While designing, the colour play important role. The colour inspires & excites the children’s imagination.

  • Flexible:

Child wants new things every day. Hence flexibility in design & use of colour will keep on inspiring continuously.

  • Furniture Life:

The child does not remain a child forever. Hence its life should be considered while selecting material & design. There should be harmony between your budget, children’s need & need of the design and life of each element.

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