Industrial Interior Design Style: 7 Key Features For Your Interior!

When we start any interior design project, one usually wonder what style one can create for interior of the home, to feel good in that environment! In recent years, the abandoned factories, the old warehouse, barns are now finding new life as industrial style spaces that have turned into demand for the modern dwellings units! From the rustic exposed finishes & structural elements to industrial inspired lighting fixtures, there is no doubt that industrial interior design details are here to stay for long!

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Industrial style is a design of bringing back the period that focused more on manufacturing, mechanical creativity & appreciating raw & unfinished interiors in a gorgeous way to bring the style to your home interior. Industrial interior design style is all about proudly displaying the building materials which we usually try to conceal. It is about adding a raw and unfinished look to the most thoughtfully designed homes. It is also about selecting the pieces that are as much about function as about the style. In your home interior, it makes sense to go for an open floor plan as it works extremely well in lofts & studios. Therefore, people deliberately welcome this growing trend for their homes!

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Characteristics of Industrial Interior Design Style

Walls & Structure: Exposed bricks, exposed concrete, steel beams or columns, stainless steel and unfinished wood work well for industrial interior design style along with the high ceiling!

Colour: Your colour palette should steer clear bright & bold colours; instead you should look for warm, neutral tones to fill your space. Let your colour palette be guided by the raw materials used for a truly authentic industrial look. Tones & Shades of grey work well when mixed with white to add a crisp & clean look.

Floor: The most used option of a floor for an industrial style is polished concrete. It can be rough & patchy. Timber & Stone flooring is the good option that will help you to achieve the industrial look for your premises.

Lighting: Freestanding floor lamps in a metal finish are the great source of light for an Industrial look. You can also try to add a few pendant lamps into your space!

Furniture & Decor: You should find the large comfortable sofas & scatter cushions to work alongside the industrial accent pieces & artwork. Industrial wall design should incorporate the large one or two pieces of abstract art or photography to add a dash of colour to your room! Plants will also add colour & life into your environment, so you can also look for a few really great large leaf plants & some significant pots for your home interior!

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Different Industrial Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Interior

Industrial designs are increasingly used to style loft apartments, commercial spaces, and even some modern homes, the industrial interior design trend is fast converting interior style around the world!

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