Floor Your Guests with DIY Floor Pillows

Are you bored of bulky and space-consuming sofa sets? Here is your chance to break out of the routine and bring your lounging to the ground level using something as unconventional as a floor cushion.

What Is a Floor Cushion?

It is a large pillow or soft chair, tossed on the floor to provide a complete seating option or extra seating space within your home. It is easy to find, but easier to make at home. So, this weekend try our DIY floor pillow.

What You Would Need?

  • A creamy white cot blanket or one-metre fleece fabric
  • A foam/feather or polystyrene bead floor cushion pad (low budge suggestion – buy a cheap floor cushion and re-cover it or make a calico liner and fill it with a pair of old pillows)
  • Beige tapestry wool and a large needle for finishing in blanket stitch
  • Cloth
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Needle and white thread

Step-by-Step Process

Infographic DIY Floor Pillows
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