Houses with Foundation Problem | Signs and Causes

Buying a pleasing and excellent home in budget is everyone’s dream. Undoubtedly, you never want to buy a house which already have a problem in it. Foundation problem is the common phenomena while you are considering to buy an old house. Rectification of any type of problem is possible however you will eventually end up spending a fortune in repairing. Foundation is a component below the ground level which ultimately takes all the load of your house and transfer it to the soil. Footing are usually done in various types depending upon the nature of house and soil around your house. Your house will consist of majorly 2 types of components, structural and non-structural. Structural components include foundation, beam, column, slab etc. where as in fill wall is the example of non-structural component. Remember that, if problem persists and repairing been carried out in the non-structural component of house, it is not as costly as the structural component of house. Hence here we have tried to illustrate the Houses with Foundation Problems in the form infographic. Following infographic represents the signs of foundation problems as well as the causes of foundation failure. So, carefully read and understand the infographic given below, this will ultimately save your time, cost.

Signs of Foundation Problems

Following are the signs of the foundation problem which are also represented in infographic:

  • Cracked paint or exposed nail head on the drywall.
  • Cracked or uneven deformed or bowed floor in any part of your home.
  • Cracks (horizontal cracks, vertical cracks, stair-step cracks, or diagonal cracks) in wall.
  • Uneven gap around door and window or improper closing and opening operation of doors and windows.
  • Any type of cracks around the doors and windows of your home.
  • Ground settlement around your house for example in back or front garden, parking, etc.
  • To understand in detail, read signs of foundation problems.

Causes of Foundation Problems

Following are the causes of foundation problems which are also illustrated in the infographic:

  • In dry season, moisture get evaporate from the soil due to excessive heat in surroundings and soil gets away to the foundation which may cause settlement and foundation problems will begin.
  • Foundation built on expansive soil or black cotton soil moves when it gets dry or wet which may also cause movements of foundation.
  • Due to the log term static loads of house (self-weight of house), the water displace from below the house and soil changes its volume which may raise the foundation problems.
  • Faulty design and poor practice of construction may also raise the foundation problems.
  • Poor house drainage may cause the movement of soil and it may cause the foundation problems.
  • Extension of house will increase the extra load and also excavation work may cause soil movement and this activities may raise the foundation problems.
  • Growth of tree and their roots around the house may result into the soil movement which will ultimately lead to the foundation problems.
  • Sometimes excessive forces of natural disaster also causes movement of the house and may leads to the foundation problems.

To know in detail, read causes of foundation problems. To conclude, whether you are buying a new house or live in old house, it is very important to get familiars with signs of foundation problem. You also need to evaluate the causes of foundation problem as early as possible and try to eliminate that causes. Once you observe any of the signs of foundation problems shown in above infographic in your house, it will be an alarming time where you will have to take an extra care and hire an expert structural engineer to inspect your house. It is very crucial to timely resolve the foundation problem otherwise it will cost you lot in future.

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