How to Choose the Perfect Interior Material Palette for Summer?

Summers are characterized by the scorching sun, sultry weather, and a constant lookout for a fresh breath of air. In order to minimize these effects and maximize the coolness, we have brought to you the perfect interior material palette. Making use of these materials in your home ensures freshness and coolness on hot summer days.

Summer Interior Material Palette

Summer interior material palette is a group of materials used in the house interiors to absorb the summer heat and keep the interiors cool, toxin free and pleasant. This infographic is the compilation of all the materials to be used this summer and enjoy the feeling of freshness.

Summer interior material palette


The perfect summer interior material palette thus includes traces of nature, organic sources, raw earthen textures, a rustic metallic sheen, unrefined appeal, breathable skin, and other hints of summer-friendly ambience that is both experiential and practical at the same time.

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