Infographic | Kitchen Chimney Guide – Things to Understand before Buying it

There is a use of lot of spices involved in the process of grilling and frying in Indian kitchen. The smokes and fumes resulting from these cooking process while they are prepared, they tend to leave an impression of oil, dirt and grease on kitchen ceiling and tiles though it gives a lovely taste and smell. It is this deposition of dirt and grease which makes cooking sometimes a tiresome process. A kitchen chimney is a blessing for those who want to cook beautiful and tasty meal without worrying about the collection of dirt and grease from the smoke onto the walls and ceilings and also on the furniture as well. A kitchen chimney is an appliance which absorbs the oil particles, dirt, smoke and fumes which results from cooking. This will eventually help in keeping the kitchen walls clean and dirt-free. Moreover a kitchen chimney can add up a little spice to the aesthetic element of the kitchen décor. Kitchen chimney is available in various shapes and sizes as well as for regular kitchen and modular kitchen.

Considerations before Buying Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen chimney is a costly appliance to be installed in the kitchen. So before buying this, it is necessary to keep in mind which type of chimney will fit in your kitchen. There are various factors which need to be kept in mind before selecting a kitchen chimney. Refer the infographic given below before buying kitchen

chimney which may help you in selection of an appropriate kitchen chimney.


We hope the above infographic would have provided you with the points which need to be kept in mind before buying kitchen chimney. If you want to share your views regarding this topic then please do so by commenting in the box given below.

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