Interesting Tips to Clean Your Rugs and Carpets! – Infographic

Rug and carpet are the most popular choice for the flooring where you can get extra warmth, hygiene and comfort underfoot. People use carpet and rug both words interchangeably but they both are slightly different. Carpet usually extend across the entire floor from wall to wall and fix on the floor. On the other hand, rug only cover a specific area of the floor and it is not secured to the floor. Therefore, choose the rug or carpet according to your requirement. However, they get dirty soon, when you are walking on the floor with shoes, spilling of drinks, dropping food, etc. Therefore, cleaning is the important task to be taken care of!

Rugs and Carpet Cleaning

Rugs and carpet cleaning is the task that maintains the healthy environment and prevents the growth of algae or bacteria in your house. There are various methods for carpet and rug cleaning which are shown in the below infographic. Your Carpet and rug cleaning can be done easily without any hassle using these various methods.

Have a look at the rug and carpet cleaning infographic to make your home hygienic & clean!


From the above infographic, we hope that you are clear on how to clean your rug and carpet in home. If you like this infographic, share your views in the below comment box. Also, share it on your social media profiles!

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