16 Tips To Keep House Cool without AC in Summer

Summer time may bring many wonderful things, but for extreme heat. Bearing heat is not everyone’s cup of tea. The skies and winds outside directly affect a lot on our work efficiency, and daily actions. When it is hot outside, and when that heat seeps in your house you will feel sickly, sweaty and it is just simply uncomfortable and hard to muster up motivation to do anything.

Many people use air conditioners in summer for relief, but some people can’t afford the air conditioner. Hence here we are suggesting various ways to keep house cool without AC particularly in summer.

01. Orientation:

It’s important to consider the orientation before you buy any property (including an apartment or bungalow), or start designing a new house or renovate the house. It is the positioning of a building in relation to seasonal variations in the sun’s path as well as prevailing wind patterns which is most important. The good orientation can increase the energy efficiency of your home, making it more comfortable to live in & of course cheaper to run!

02. Avoid Artificial Light:

Light bulbs will give more heat hence avoid using artificial light. Use natural daylight as long as possible, and do not switch on lights until it is very essential.

03. Plant Shade:

Grow plants and trees outside of your house. A deciduous tree provides shade in summer and allows light through their branches which are bare in the winter. Provide an efficient plant shade for the south and west windows which reduce the heat from the sun.

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04. Reduced Humidity in House:

Install exhaust fans where there is higher level of humidity in the house, like kitchen, laundry room, and bathrooms. Showering steam can increase the level of humidity in the house. When showering, open the windows to let as much moisture escape as possible. Don’t dry clothes in the house.

05. Keep Blinds or Curtains Closed During the Day:

Windows are one of the biggest sources of unwanted heat in the house though they are equally important for light. Unwanted heat in the house comes through the window. The remedy is to keep blinds or curtains closed during the day and to open after sunset. Mainly keep closed the west and south facing window blinds or curtains. Bamboo blinds are the good option for windows.

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06. Create an Ice Fan:

Fill a large bowl with ice and place it in front of a fan. You will get chilled breeze. Of course, this is effective only for a small area.

07. Unplug Appliances or Electronic Gadgets:

Plugging any appliance into a socket produces heat. Hence unplug all unnecessary appliances or electronic gadgets when not in use. Plugging the appliance into a socket generates heat.

08. Vetiver Curtains (Khus Khus Curtains):

Vetiver curtains are highly suitable for summer. They are used for windows and balconies. They are natural and eco-friendly cooling curtains. They are cheaper and naturally keep the place cool. They have good fragrances which make the atmosphere around pleasant the area.

They have a dark brown colour which indicates the high quality of roots. It provides a natural fragrance. It is easy to maintain and is used by sprinkling water for keeping room cool. But here you have to keep on sprinkling water on curtains. It is one the oldest and most popular method used.

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09. Use Light Colour:

The dark colour of walls and furniture inside the house can further lead to absorption of heat. Hence the use of light colour would help to protect against heat.

10. Unclutter Your Room:

A cluttered room feels hot hence remove unwanted curios, furniture, books, newspaper and magazines from the room to make it airier. Pack off all synthetic drapes and thick woolly carpets that look and feel hot. Instead, put in thin rugs made from jute and hemp that look good and feel great.

Also, replace centrepiece with one that creates a feeling of cool calmness. Take a bowl or any other glass vessel and fill it with cold water. Then put in some flowers, pebbles, sea shells, and fresh leaves.

11. Cross Ventilation:

Cross ventilation allows the static hot air to get replenished and allows fresh air circulating throughout the building.

12. Terrace Gardens:

The mud is used to grow plants which act as an insulator from the direct heat, thereby keeping the terrace slab cool. Use of plastic gardening sheets will also help to prevent any water leakage.

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13. White Lime Washes on Terrace:

White lime wash layer acts as a reflective layer on the terrace. It helps to keep underneath cool throughout summer. This gets washed away in rainy days hence it required to be done every summer.

14. Use of Heat Reflective Paint:

Heat reflective paint is used as a heat insulating coating on terrace and rooftop of buildings. Its application reduces roof or slab temperature and correspondingly reduces room temperature. They are called high albedo paint but they are very costly.

15. False Ceiling:

The false ceiling is also used for thermal insulation apart from decoration. False ceilings are suspended a few inches below the ceiling on a metal framework which is made from any lightweight material like wood, plaster of Paris, plywood, and gypsum. The air filled in the gap between the two layers of ceilings cools the room. There is a gap between these two layers, hence the air within gets trapped. Air, being a bad conductor of heat, does not allow the heat to flow into the room. Thus it helps to reduce electricity bills. Further if the material of the false ceiling is thermal insulating type, it will further reduce heat and hence inside temperature.

16. Thermal Insulation:

Thermal insulation material can also be laid either over the slab or below the slab, underneath false ceiling. This reduces top heat considerably.

If you are really committed to non ac thing than you can make a couple changes to your house that will help to keep house cool without ac.The above tips will keep your house cool without ac in summer.

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