Kitchen Island & its Types: All You like to Know

Kitchen Island is a centrally located counter in a kitchen that allows access from all sides and used primarily for food preparation and for storage of accessories needed for cooking. It is an elegant solution to the problem of finding usable workspace in a typical home kitchen which has adequate width space in kitchen.

Kitchen island counter in center
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Generally, Kitchen Island is an additional counter which has multiple uses and it is only recommended for kitchen having the minimum dimensions length 4.50 meter and width 3.60 meter, which includes the minimum dimension of island 1.20 meter (4 feet) long and little more than 0.60 meter (2 feet) wide.

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Therefore for small kitchen, island is not appropriate solution. It’s better to plan only kitchen platform in the periphery of kitchen wall including the criteria of kitchen work triangle.

There are different types of kitchen island you can design for your kitchen, for smaller kitchens, additional Movable Islands (available in smaller sizes) is preferable if there is need of island in kitchen such as Foldable or Folding Kitchen Island and Portable Kitchen Island or movable kitchen island are useful in smaller kitchen when there is mess in actual counters. After using, it can be moved to other area and can be used as storage in other rooms.

Generally, this movable storage is made up of wood or steel for its light weight, so that there is ease in moving from one place to another.

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There are various trendy types of kitchen island, depending upon the kitchen layout and size of kitchen are given below:

Permanent or Fixed Kitchen Island:

This type of island is attached to the kitchen area and cannot be removed. Fixed kitchen island can be designed or are available in different shapes and sizes as per client choice and size of the room. You can also add kitchen island chairs or stools are per your design.

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Fixed kitchen island can also combines the two functions on one counter, as it delineates the cooking or preparation at lower level & eating at higher level on kitchen island chairs.

02. Portable Kitchen Island or Kitchen Utility Cart with Wheels:

This type of island has wheels attached to them or it look like a table with countertop, so that they can be moved from one area to another. It is really good for a medium-sized kitchen.

Movable Kitchen Island on Wheels
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Portable kitchen island-without wheels
Movable Kitchen Island Table with Countertop
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03. Folding Kitchen Island:

This type of Kitchen Island is preferred for kitchen with smaller size and it can also be used outdoors. It can be folded and stored when not in use. It is good for very small kitchen spaces.

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