Guidelines For Kitchen Work Triangle!

All the kitchen layouts work well with the concept of “Kitchen Work Triangle”. Cooking &  cleaning are the major tasks carried out in kitchen along with the storage area.

Kitchen work triangle is an imaginary line passes through the centre of these three work area – Stove, Sink, and Refrigerator (Fridge) makes the triangle called “Kitchen Work Triangle” for a kitchen. Therefore, these work area should have a minimum distance as far as possible!

Kitchen work triangle is an important element for any kitchen’s functionality. It virtually connects the work areas with its required lengths such that if the distance is too small, it can make the kitchen feel blocked and cramped and if the distance is too large it creates a hassle in cooking.

Kitchen work triangle can be applied to all type of kitchen arrangements.

This infographic will help you to know how Kitchen work triangle works with the minimum distances without any obstruction of its traffic flow!

Kitchen Work Triangle

Hope this guidelines will help to renovate your old kitchen or give you a clear idea in deciding your new kitchen layout!

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    1. Hi E K Prakash,
      Thank you for contacting gharpedia & raising a query!
      Your living style & culture generally define your dining space. It varies culture to culture. Also, the dining space is usually decided by the size of your house, how big it is? If your house is very small, then you can accommodate your dining along the wall of your kitchen or in the passage area. Likewise, if your dining is big enough, you can have a special room adjacent to the kitchen.
      There is no any specific standard dimension for a space between kitchen & dining. It But yes, these both rooms (kitchen & dining) are planned adjacently, because activities of these rooms are connected to each other like from carrying food, serving food, cleaning utensils, washing hands, etc.
      Also note that the dining room should be located on the same floor with kitchen without any minor height differences, as it will be impractical and not adorable to carry hot food and utensils up & down.

      Points for Dining room design:
      A dining area is an important place where you can have the large get-together, family dinner & lunch, and other celebrations.
      Dining room activity involves:
      • Setting Up the Table,
      • Serving Food, Eating,
      • Cleaning Up After Meals,
      • Storing Cutlery and Crockery, etc.
      To know the important points while planning dining room read this link given below:
      Also, know about the furniture required in the dining room:
      Hope this will be helpful to you. If you still have any doubts, you can reach us anytime.
      Thank You!

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