My House – My Requirements: What I Need to Convey Architect for Design of My House?

Everyone has a dream to have his/her own house and all have many dream about it, as to how it would be and how it would look like. Here is what you need to convey the architect for designing your house. To realize your dream you have to discuss  all your requirements with your Architect.

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The owner’s requirements is the first document  and is a starting point while designing a home. It is first prepared by the owner and then refined and fine tuned with the help of architect.

Designing  the house must be done in systematic way. Here are list of requirements, the owner should give to the architect so that your dreams   come true.

01. Design Philosophy-Style :

  • Architectural style for your house -Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Vernacular, etc.
  • Particular design features that are important to you.
  • Land selected or to be done?
  • Doors & windows style

02. Occupants: Members and Family/size :

  • No. persons and their age in family.
  • Any disabled person in the family
  • Provision for servant’s residence
  • Frequency of guests and their provisions
  • Any pet in the family

03. Personal Lifestyle: Culture

  • Describe your current home, as to what do you like or dislike about it or the problem you face in your current home
  • Describe your life style and kind of spaces that you need
  • Strong ideas, Likes or dislike for your new house design, your design philosophy
  • How the House should look like?
  • Provision for Future division of house for two sons?
  • Whether there is idea of renting a part of house /rooms, etc
  • Provision for future expansion
  • Beliefs in Vastu – How strong you relate vastu with principles of modern architecture?
  • Whether do you Work at home, do you need office space?
  • Time spent in living area, bed room, kitchen, etc.
  • Kitchen separate with dining or combined with dining
  • Size of kitchen and perfect Kitchen triangle
  • Living room –formal or informal or both
  • Whether living room to be of double height
  • Separate Store room or only shelves with shutters in kitchen/dining
  • Separate accommodation for Pooja or just a Pooja corner
  • Bathrooms- numbers, attached or separate with bed rooms
  • Type of entertainment system-Music, TV, projector, Speaker, etc
  • Hobbies /Rooms-Gym, Sports, Swimming pool, Library, Music, etc
  • Any specific accessibility requirement for Disabled person
  • Water closet-Indian, Western, physically handicapped, Bath tubs, Jacuzzi, independent W.C
  • Choices regarding Compound wall, Fencing, Site layout

04. Interior Spaces :

  • Particular of amenities needed on ground floor only
  • Particular of amenities needed on first floor only
  • Servant’s accommodation ,whether should be attached or outside the house
  • Car park or garage – detached or attached
  • Location of Entrance
  • Veranda and Otla
  • Location of Porch, whether porch is needed?
  • Balconies
  • Staircase – internal , external or common, bare minimum ,or ground etc.
  • Nos. of Bed rooms with or without Toilets
  • Type of interior visualized.

05. Sizes & Areas :

  • Size of all Rooms – living room, bed room, kitchen, dining ,etc.
  • Overall construction area

06. Materials Choices :

  • Choice of Floor finishes like Vitrified tiles, Carpet, Wooden flooring, Marble, Granite, Wooden tiles for different rooms
  • Choice of fixtures in Bathroom, W.C, Kitchen fixtures
  • Choice of Wall finishes-paintings, wall paper, Wall panelling, P.O.P work
  • Any specific requirement for external finished like cladding etc.
  • Choice of door/windows-Panelled/glazed/flush
  • Choice of railing for staircase, balcony

07. Services :

  • Electrical Conduits – open or concealed
  • Plumbing and Sanitary fixtures
  • Drainage disposal to public sewers or septic tank/soak pit
  • Water supply – Existing source – Municipal or borewell
  • Water /sewerage line –exposed or concealed
  • A.C
  • Gas lines
  • Storage tank for water –it’s type (Underground/Over head) and capacity,
  • Solar water heating capacity

08. Budget / Finance :

  • Estimates
  • Your Budget
  • Time line within which you can provide the fund flows
  • Home Loan if any
  • Interest during construction

09. Period/Method of construction :

  • How soon would you like to be settled in your new house
  • Type of contract – labour contract /Material contract
  • Type of construction – R.C.C, wooden, load bearing or Dry wall construction or use of locally available materials

10. Maintenance :

11. Legal status :

  • Whether permission obtained from local authority?
  • Margin from all sides
  • Construction allowed on G.F, area permitted for construction on ground and upper floors
  • Whether land is N.A or not?
  • Property documents for verification of area of land

12. Site plan :

  • Site plan with size of land, Adjoining roads, North, Levels.
  • Nearest Public road
  • Invert level, Storm water drain etc, of Municipal sewer Manhole

13. Land :

  • Topography and contour survey plan
  • Whether there is any alignment by local authority

These are the requirements that need to be considered when developing the initial Architectural design, you start to make going from here. Based on the above given list, you should finalize your needs and ask the Architect to prepare your design.

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