Do I Need an Architect While Painting my House

Painting a house is a vital point for client and Architect both. Most of us regularly paint the house, almost over five years or atleast a decade. Preparation and planning are the key features to do the successful painting work in a house.

Generally the people think that the house painting is very easy, but painting a house requires a considerable expertise and experience. Before you start the painting work, you must educate yourself with a basic principle of colour scheme, various types of paints, paint application and painting techniques.

Architect Required for Painting Your House
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Your Queries:

As an owner, you have lots of questions like, How do I paint my house? How much time will it require? How much quantity of paint do I require? And the most important point choosing the right colour scheme.

Appointing an Architect:

It is always better to appoint an Architect, who will guide you how to dress up your walls with various types of paint.

They will guide you about the whole process of painting for your home right from start till the end and will make it as simple as possible. Generally they will provide you the following things!

For example:

Colour schemes:

  • Provide different alternatives of the colour scheme for your home-Exterior as well as interior including 3D views. Thus you will have the actual feel of how it would look like after painting, using various colour combinations on different surfaces. You can choose the right scheme which excites you the most!
  • Choose the type of paint for your room walls/exterior as per function of room/surface.

Like, Bedroom  –  decorative paint

Bath room – heavy humidity resistant paint

Living room & kitchen – Paint selection as per life & culture

Choose exterior paint as per climate of your Area.

  • Select a specific type of paint like Texture, Rustic, Matt finish, etc.
  • What do you need for painting work
  • Choose products according to your tentative budget
  • Calculate cost and quantity of paint you will need

These schematic steps will help you, while you paint your home.

From above tips, most of us can paint their house. However the Architect will also help you like:          .

  • Architect will apply the creative thinking to your project colour scheme based on your choice/likes.
  • He will add aesthetics and value to your house.
  • He will guide you right from colour scheme, paint selection to finishing process.
  • He/she also know different tricks and techniques that can make your house more attractive.
  • Architect will also help you to choose the right painting contractor too.
  • He will prepare estimate/budget for your house painting work.
  • He will decide the terms and condition with the contractor.
  • He will visit the site periodically to check whether the construction work is being carried out as per the plans and specifications being prepared by him.
  • He will also check the bills of the contractor periodically and certify payment to the contractor.
  • He is available for you as an independent, neutral man, who will avoid all possible disputes. He will decide the terms and condition with the contractor, if it is not done properly, which may lead to many disputes.

It is also equally important point whether your house is empty or in use, If your house is in use then you must consider the following before starting painting work.

  • Cover furniture, A.C units, landscape area and other surfaces close to the work area with drop clothes, old sheet, etc.
  • Tape your windows and doors.
  • Cover your all room furniture with drop clothes or old sheets.
  • Remove accessories such as light fixtures, door bells, shutters, mail box and other detailed fixtures. You can put them back after the job is done.
  • If trees or other plants near the surface area to be painted, trim them & allow space to work.

If you have decided to hire a professional painting contractor or an Architect, then make sure to do proper contract with him. Contract should cover all the details from the beginning of a projects till the completion. It will help you to avoid any dispute with a contractor and happily conclude the work to your satisfaction.

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