Why do I Need an Architect While Building My Home?

Everyone has a dream to have his or her own house. To realize your dream you have to discuss  all your requirements with your Architect. The owner’s requirements is the first document  and is a starting point while designing a home. It is first prepared by the owner and then refined and fine tuned with the help of architect.

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An Architect is the professional who will help the owner in executing his ideas. She/he is a person with imagination, creativity and executive capacity who can fulfil the requirements of the owner.

An Architect  takes into consideration the owner’s requirements, makes a list of them, and visits the site and preliminary correlated plans with estimates. After the approval of plan and estimates by the owner, the architect now becomes the representative of the owner .If required, he prepares a model of the proposed structure. The architect obtains sanction for the same and getsthe work executed with the help of contractor, structural and other engineers.

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The scheme prepared by the architect is presented to the clients by the following drawings and other documents:

01. Prepare conceptual plan, presentation drawings

02. Prepare perspective -3D view, walk through including Model of the scheme or buildings.

03. Submission drawing for submitting the scheme to the plan sanctioning authority

04. [simple_tooltip content=’A scale drawing which serves as a guide for the construction building.’]Working drawings[/simple_tooltip] and architectural details.

05. Drawings and details from the structural engineer.

06. Electrical, air-conditioning, landscaping and other working drawings.

07. All sets of drawings thus prepared for the construction are prepared after consulting all the professionals involved in the project.

08. An Architect is a person who puts on paper and helps in physical construction the dream of the owner /family, “Dream House”

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                Roles of Architect in Construction Process






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