Non-Conventional Curing Methods for Concrete

There are various methods used for curing of concrete. But some methods are not so popular and they are used often or in some circumstances because these methods are costly. Following are some non-conventional methods are used for curing.

01. Curing by Immersion Method:

This is the best water curing method. In this method finished concrete is immersed in the curing tank or curing pond.Some precast concrete members which can be easily handled and placed in the curing tank for certain duration.

This method of total immersion is practically not possible unless the concrete is a laboratory test specimen for small precast units. This method needs more labour work and supervision.

Curing of Concrete: Things to Keep in Mind While Curing

02. Electrical Curing

Electrical curing carried out by passing an alternating current (Electrolysis trouble will be encountered if direct current is used) through the concrete itself between two electrodes.Electrodes are either buried in or applied to the surface of the concrete. Care must be taken to see that moisture does not out leaving the concrete completely dry.

Casting operations are normally performed within normal working hours, with the accelerated curing taking place after working hours.

This method is applicable mostly in very cold climatic region. This method is not likely to find much applicable owing to economic reasons. It also needs skill supervision.

03. Infra-red Radiation

Infra-red radiation method is very often adopted for the curing. This type curing method adopted for hollow concrete products such as hollow concrete blocks etc.The normal operative temperature is kept at about 90°C.

Rapid gain of strength can be obtained by this method as compared to steam curing. Rapid initial temperature does not cause a decrease in the ultimate strength as in the case of steam curing at ordinary pressure.

Curing of concrete by Infra-red Radiation is practiced in very cold climatic regions like Russia.

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